WWE legend commends Dominik Mysterio’s accomplishments while teasing potential rematch for NXT North American title

Dominik Mysterio is in the maiden run of his NXT North American Championship reign. The Dirty Dom captured the glory by defeating Wes Lee on the NXT brand. This is the first-ever singles championship in Dominik Mysterio’s career. However, The new blood mainly tasted real success after joining the villainous faction, The Judgment Day.

Dom has already gotten into conflicts against many stars, new and old. Recently, a WWE legend hinted at a rematch against the young Mysterio, but this time for putting the NXT North American Championship on the line.

Rey Mysterio proudly acknowledges Dominik Mysterio’s WWE success

The WWE legend who hinted at a rematch is none other than Dominick’s father, Rey Mysterio. The legendary masked superstar recently appeared on the latest edition of WWE Bump, where he showered praise for his son as he established himself as one of the biggest heels in the company in a relatively short amount of time.

“Sometimes, when you fight with your kids, or your kids do the wrong things, and you gotta put them in place,” Rey said. “That’s happened for the past year with Dom and myself, and not just myself but my wife as well.”

“Despite the issues that we might have in our family, you can’t even imagine the amount of pride and joy that I feel every time he accomplishes something. That still doesn’t take away the fact that he’s disrespected his whole family, and I’m hoping that one day, that will all change,” he added.

So it seems like the legendary superstar is still happy about all the success and accolades Dominik Mysterio is adding to his career, despite the fact that his whole family is getting disrespected.

WWE HoF considering rematch with Dominik

Later on, Rey Mysterio continued by teasing a rematch against Dominik but this time for the NXT North American Championship. The legendary masked superstar by praising his own son also hinted at how their relationship could be going forward,

“The fact that he’s succeeding and becoming his own person, he’s already his own person. You don’t know how many times I would have loved to call him up and say, ‘Congratulations, son, you’re really killing it.’ But it hurts.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t do it, and that really hurts. I wish things would be different. But as a father, despite our differences. I’m extremely proud of what he’s doing and what he’s conquering. He just better not step in the ring with me because I will take that North American Title,” he continued.

Dominik Mysterio

For those unaware, both Dominik & Rey Mysterio had feuded against each other for a very long time. The Master of 619 had even defeated the Dirty Dom at WrestleMania 39. Rey also played the most pivotal role in Dominik’s heel turn and joining of the Judgement Day faction. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the future and whether we get another clash between the father & son.


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