WWE News: Mace & Mansoor reveal juicy details on their release from the promotion

21st September was a dark day for WWE and wrestling as the rumored post-merger talent layoffs finally occurred, following the news that SmackDown would be moving to the USA Network in a 5-year contract starting in October 2024.

Among the unfortunate individuals affected were Mace and Mansoor, who had teamed up as Maximum Male Models with Max Dupri, also known as LA Knight. While LA Knight remains one of the most popular acts in WWE, the same cannot be said for Mace and Mansoor, subsequently took to Twitch to discuss their time in the company.

Mace & Mansoor gives insight on their release from WWE

Following their release, the duo immediately started streaming on Twitch, where they revealed some intriguing details from their time in WWE. During the stream, Mace and Mansoor shared some skit ideas they had pitched to the creative team while still under contract.

These ideas included the Maximum Male Models collaborating with wrestlers like The Miz as his henchmen in a new stable, engaging in storylines with Cody Rhodes, and even interacting with the Alpha Academy, which also featured a former member of the Maximum Male Models, Maxxine Dupree. Interestingly, both wrestlers learned about their firing from Twitter before the Head of Talent Relations informed them.

They went on to reveal that their gimmick was essentially Vince McMahon’s idea, and he had been interested in a male model act for eight months. Vince was deeply involved in the rehearsals for their skits, leading Mace and Mansoor to believe that this was their path to superstardom.

However, their fortunes changed when Triple H took over creative control just three weeks after their debut, which significantly impacted their booking. Mansoor lamented, “Everything happened in the company where Vince left, Hunter took over. That was like three weeks after we debuted. I don’t know if there has ever been worse timing.”

Wrestling world reacts to Mace & Mansoor released by WWE

Mace and Mansoor’s stream after their firing gave some really interesting insights into the company and it was clear that both the guys had insane chemistry. WWE tends to micromanage their talent and scripts a lot and fans were quick to point out how they made the most of what they were given.

Despite their release, neither of them spoke negatively about Vince McMahon, leaving the possibility of a future rehiring open, which was noticed by fans. Mace and Mansoor expressed gratitude to WWE for their time with the company and for the financial opportunities it provided. However, they also criticized aspects of the system and booking processes.

Many people lost their jobs but if they have the talent and the dedication, they’ll be a success in whatever promotion they wrestle for in the future and slowly make their way back to the big leagues.


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