WWE Royal Rumble 2023: surprise entrant leaked for 30 man royal rumble match!

WWE Royal Rumble is the first premium pay-per-view event of the year where all eyes will look for the winner of the 30-men battle royal with much anticipation as the winner will headline Wrestlemania the biggest event of the year. 

Needless to say, the winner gets to choose the opponent and championship match of his choice. This time around it will create more hype as the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and the Royal Rumble winner is most likely to challenge him.

With much speculation about who the challenger will be as the Bloodline is already a faction ready to serve Roman, the most devastating and dominating faction of all time? Roman Reigns now is unbeatable and who will dethrone Roman Reigns is a million-dollar question even WWE is struggling to find an answer to. 

Back to Rumble, San Antonio, Texas, Almodome will be jam-packed and millions around the world will witness the event in 24 hours of time. Many surprise return of the previous WWE Superstars in a Rumble Match is nothing new. Sometimes, professionals from some other sports or activities also make an appearance in a Rumble Match. 

Here are some of the picks that might enter as a surprise for this year’s Rumble Match.

1. John Cena

John Cena has been the face of WWE for more than two decades, carried the company on his shoulder, and also will feature at WWE 2k23. John won the rumble twice and if the poster boy is to appear in this year’s match he will break his 5 years of silence of entering a Rumble Match.

2. Randy Orton

Like Cena Randy Orton has two rumble victories besides his name. Though the viper does not make regular appearances as he used to there’s nothing impossible in his dictionary. The RKO star has definitely some elimination left in him for the rumble match if he appears.

3. The Undertaker

The Undertaker is the phenome, the epidemy can bring wrath and undertake the opponents at any type of match. The Deadman even went on to win the Rumble Match back in 2007. Though chances of his making an entrance in the rumble are low. But hey never say never. 

4. Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin might be 58 years of age but the rattlesnake can rattle his way through to the 30 men’s Royal Rumble Match if he makes an appearance. Steve has a good memory in Texas as he won the 1997 Royal Rumble match in front of a 60,000-plus capacity crowd, the largest crowd in a Royal Rumble Battle Royal match.

5. The Rock

The Rock was previously rumored to face Roman Reigns as no one in the current WWE roster can pose a serious threat to the supremacy established by Roman Reigns as his legacy now continues for more than 1000 days. Rock might appear in the Rumble to make sure he faces Roman at the Grandest Stage of them all and put an end to the question of who the head of the table really is.

Not necessarily any superstar will make a surprise entrance as it can house some renowned celebrities for an entrance. Previously, NBA legend Shaq O’Neal appeared in a Battle Royal Match at Wrestlemania why not in Royal Rumble then? Bad Bunny entered the last year’s rumble match eliminating Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus. Who says he can not make back-to-back appearances in the rumble making a surprise entry this year as well?

In a men’s battle royal there even were female entrants and now there are separate women’s royal rumble matches as well since 2018. So, there’s literally no limit to predicting who is going to appear as a surprise entrant in a Rumble match and the match could not just be more exciting as it’s every man for himself.

Stakes are higher as the Rumble match approaches and all eyes will be on who is going to win the Rumble this time.



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