WWE star wants to KO Logan Paul in Boxing Match amid Mavericks’ rivalry with Seth Rollins heats up to boiling point

Logan Paul has already found his feet in the WWE. His rivalry with Seth Rollins has reached new heights as well. However, he has yet to impress some big names in the circuit – one of them being John Morrison.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated showdown during Wrestlemania 39, ‘Maverick’ is back in public discussions once again. John also weighed in on the former YouTuber’s career and performance as a fighter.

What does John Morrison think of Logan Paul, the boxer?

John Morrison was asked about Logan Paul. The somersault master did not speak highly of the former Vine star though. He appreciated Logan to an extent admitting the older Paul has the potential to be a bigger name. Due to his athleticism, he could even find himself among the ranks. However, Morrison does not think highly of Logan as a boxer.

The senior Paul brother tested his waters in the boxing ring before making his way into the wrestling arena. Logan even had the opportunity to engage in a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Despite that, Morrison scrutinized his boxing skills.

He mentioned that Logan kept his body wide open, leaving him vulnerable to check hooks and body shots. Morrison was not impressed by Logan’s jab skills, notifying that he did not use them enough for a boxer. The former WWE superstar feels that he can knock Logan out in the third round, mostly because he feels that Paul does not have a good defense.

John Morrison feels Logan Paul had a privilege in WWE

Morrison also provided his two cents on Logan’s WWE career so far. In the interview with Aiden James, he mentioned that Paul probably had one of the best debuts in recent years. After James pointed out how the former boxer barged into the scene unlike anyone in recent years, Morrison agreed.

However, Morrison felt that Logan had the privilege to pull that off. ‘The Maverick’ suffered from ACL, MCL, and PCL injuries after coming to WWE. He had proper rehabilitation plans in place to recuperate. More importantly, the debut and the first few matches the people are in awe of – had a lot to do with the support from higher authority in WWE, is what Morrison feels.

Morrison mentioned that Logan prepared for his debut for around three months. In fact, for his match with Eric Rowan, Logan got to train one on one with Sean Michaels, whom Morrison regarded as one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time. This is why, Morrison felt that Logan was bound to impress after receiving such a support system.

However Morrison feels about him, there is hardly any doubt that Logan has stormed into the scene. He is having a heated time in the middle with Seth Rollins, over whom he edged twice already. Do you think Morrison could beat Logan Paul in a boxing match, that too in the third round via KO?


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