“Yesssirrrrrr”: Draymond Green ecstatic for ex-teammates Donte DiVincenzo and Ty Jerome’s new deals

In the realm of NBA, teammates’ loyalty and friendship frequently extends beyond the court. This was the case for Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green, who couldn’t stop himself from congratulating former colleagues Donte DiVincenzo and Ty Jerome on their new contracts.

Draymond Green, known for his strong support of his fellow players, turned to social media to share his excitement. The touching display of friendship emphasises the bond formed among teammates during their time together.

Green celebrates DiVincenzo and Jerome’s success

Draymond Green, the passionate leader of the Golden State Warriors, couldn’t hide his excitement as he celebrated the success of his former teammates, Donte DiVincenzo, and Ty Jerome.

With DiVincenzo signing a four-year, $50 million contract with the Knicks and Jerome signing a two-year, $5 million deal with the Cavaliers, Green voiced his delight with his characteristic passion, yelling, “Yesssirrrrr!”

Green’s elation stemmed not only from their financial gains but also from witnessing their growth as players. He applauded DiVincenzo’s opportunity to team up with his former Villanova colleagues, Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson, in New York, recognizing the significance of their bond.

As for Jerome, Green fondly recalled his standout performance against the Cavaliers last season, showcasing his talent and earning his new role in Cleveland’s backcourt alongside Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland.

Green’s celebration reflects the deep camaraderie and genuine support that exists among teammates, even after they part ways. It speaks to the lasting connections forged in the NBA and the shared pride experienced when witnessing former teammates thrive in new environments.

How did Warriors get DiVincenzo?

The Golden State Warriors successfully acquired Donte DiVincenzo through a shrewd move during free agency. With financial limitations preventing them from retaining Gary Payton II, the Warriors targeted DiVincenzo as their ideal replacement within the taxpayer mid-level range.

Despite having offers from other teams for the full taxpayer mid-level, DiVincenzo accepted the Warriors’ two-year, $9.3 million deal, including a player option for the second season. This decision allows him to join a winning environment, contribute to potential playoff runs, and potentially boost his market value in the future.

The appeal of playing for the Warriors, who are recognized for maximizing player potential, along with the additional flexibility given by the player option impacted DiVincenzo’s choice to take a somewhat reduced contract.

DiVincenzo fills the vacuum left by Payton and boosts the Warriors’ rotation with his defensive versatility and ability to guard numerous positions. His acquisition exemplifies the organization’s planned approach to roster construction as well as its ability to capitalize on market opportunities to improve team performance.

How old is Ty Jerome?

As the Golden State Warriors bid farewell to another guard in 2023, the talented Ty Jerome embarks on a new chapter, marked by his age of 25. Jerome’s basketball journey has been filled with transformative experiences, showcasing his youthful spirit and unwavering determination.

Originally joining the Warriors as a two-way player, Jerome’s path to the team was paved through a rather unremarkable eight-player trade that led him to Houston.

However, his maturity and skills on the court quickly shone through, earning him a notable role within the Warriors’ roster.In Cleveland, Jerome seeks both stability and the chance to further showcase his prowess. As the fifth guard on the Cavaliers’ roster, he will provide support to the team’s formidable starters and talented backups.

With his age of 25, Jerome stands poised to contribute to the Cavaliers’ quest for success, augmenting their ranks alongside other notable additions. It is within this environment that Ty Jerome, armed with his youthful energy and determined spirit, aspires to make his mark and demonstrate his abilities while creating the potential for a thrilling Finals rematch with his former Warriors teammates.


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