NFL fans possess eagerly awaited mood as only 10 more Sundays remain till complete game schedule

As the countdown to the highly anticipated NFL season continues, fans across the world are eagerly awaiting the start of the regular season. With just 10 more Sundays to go until the complete game schedule kicks off, the enthusiasm and anticipation among football enthusiasts are reaching new heights. 

The 2023 schedule, powered by AWS, promises to offer thrilling matchups, international games, and a prolonged season that elevates the game beyond just sports. The announcement of the schedule seems to have ignited a new sense of excitement among many fans and now they don’t seem to want to wait for the final release. 

NFL fans eagerly anticipate the start of regular season


Fans look very excited about the new season. Many can wait for the new season to start. The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs play the Detroit Lions at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday, September 7 (8:20 PM ET, NBC), to kick off the 104th season of the NFL.

Dov Kleiman tweeted: “10 More Sundays to go until a full slate of NFL games.”

One fan wrote, “Los Angeles at Seattle. . Go hawks. . Seattle nation baby. . Seattle all the way. . Lets go hawks. . Beat the rams”

One fan expressed his excitement by tweeting, “You made that seem so close!”

Another fan wrote, “20 Sundays down, 10 to go…”

Such excitement and anticipation isn’t new among fans as the sport has been going strong for many years now.

NFL elevates the game beyond sports by inciting fan hysteria


The regular season comprises 17 games for each team, with three preseason games, as has been the norm for the past three years. Notably, the 17th game introduces an exciting twist, featuring teams from opposing conferences that finished in the same standing within their divisions the previous season.

The league will also expand internationally. Three games will be played in the UK and two will be played in Germany. Fans will witness thrilling matchups on international soil, creating a global buzz around the sport.

Additionally, the Madden Thanksgiving Celebration, a longstanding tradition, will feature a tripleheader on Thursday, November 23. This setup increases the potential for captivating matchups with playoff implications, ensuring a thrilling end to the regular season.

With only 10 Sundays remaining, until the full slate of NFL games begins, the excitement among fans is palpable. From eagerly awaiting the regular season kickoff game to the international matchups and the climactic Week 18, the 2023 NFL season promises to be one filled with intense competition, fan hysteria, and unforgettable moments.

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