YouTuber-turned-WWE superstar Logan Paul hesitates to release highly captivating UFO footage

For many years, members of the UFO community have discussed a video that they believe to be the most persuasive. According to reports, UFO expert Chuck Clark acquired a video in the early 1990s that was captured by two young men. Prior to yesterday, this footage was merely a mythical tale, but documentary filmmaker James Fox has now provided a comprehensive account of it. In addition, he divulged that popular YouTuber Logan Paul may play a critical role in making this video accessible to the broader public.

Logan Paul

In the event you were unaware, Logan has a distinct interest in this subject matter and has invited several of the most notable figures in the UFO community. Among these invitees is James Fox, a documentary filmmaker whose two UFO documentaries are regarded as some of the most compelling by members of the intelligence community.

During Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience‘, James Fox shared a surreal revelation to promote his upcoming 2022 documentary ‘Moment of Contact’. According to Fox, the video in Chuck Clark’s possession was captured by two young men who were driving in their car in the Nevada desert with a camcorder.

What is the story behind Logan Paul acquiring Chuck Clark’s video?

He claimed that the video shows a UFO hovering just a few yards from the car, and suggested that the young men had an alleged close encounter of the third kind. As Rogan repeatedly interrupted Fox, dismissing the story as fictitious, Fox dropped a bombshell: Logan Paul possesses a copy of the video. Fox also mentioned that Paul, who has a keen interest in the subject matter, has invited him and other prominent UFO experts to appear on his podcast.

According to Fox’s account to Rogan, he informed Logan Paul of the story and even offered Chuck Clark $30,000 for the video. This prompted Logan to offer Clark an impressive $100,000 for the video, but Clark declined. Despite this, Logan was determined to obtain the video and used his creativity to persuade Clark to show him the footage while secretly recording it with a button camera on his clothing.

However, Logan is now hesitant to release the video to the public due to potential legal implications and issues with the U.S. government, which the UFO community believes has a history of suppressing such information. Currently, Logan has not commented on James Fox’s revelation.

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