49ers’ QB Brock Purdy drops shock bomb on playing NFL 2023 season amid injury recovery

The San Francisco 49ers’ young quarterback Brock Purdy put on a fairy tale performance, but it ended after a UCL injury in the NFC championship game.

The 49ers had gone through serious trouble in the quarterback’s room earlier in the season. Jimmy Garoppolo was dropped to the bench after his poor performance, and the first choice, Trey Lance, got injured for the rest of the season in no time. Later, Jimmy had to carry the torch, but after November, he also got injured, and the torch came into Mr. Irrelevant’s hands.

Against all odds, Brock performed superbly until the injury in January and underwent surgery later in March. The recovery was assumed to be lengthy, and the rookie knew it.

Brock Purdy

What did Brock Purdy say?

The 23-year-old was aware of the fact that it could take a long period for him to recover from such an injury. Even after the recovery, he needs to get his arm back into shape, as the arm is the quarterback’s main asset.

On a positive note, the rookie came out of the protective brace on his arm, and it seems the healing is following its course. “Just to be able to get out of the brace, move around more frequently and stuff like that—I know it sounds small, but that’s a big win,” the Niners QB said.

“That’s how I look at it: Finding little things like that to be positive about and understand you have what it takes to get back to being yourself on the field,” Purdy added.

Given the situation, the Niners couldn’t get out of the pickle yet; they had to sign Sam Darnold for one year as the third choice. However, Trey is supposed to get back from his injury sooner, and Mr. Irrelevant has high praise for his teammate.

“He obviously has reached out a bunch since my surgery and the recovery process, making sure things are good. I know he’s throwing and looking great down in Texas. So I’m really excited for him,” Brock Purdy stated.

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