76ers James Harden goes viral on social media over his feet following interview with Rachel Nichols in the locker room

The Philadelphia 76ers’ point guard James Harden keeps making the headlines for the weirdest of reasons. This time it’s not his on-court feats, but rather his feet that caught the eyes of the netizens.

Harden recently appeared barefoot in an interview from the locker room and social media has blown even since with wild remarks about his feet. But what is it that makes an ordinary organ such a hotcake?

Well, first things first, those feet belong to James Harden. Then comes the second and more feasible one, his feet are actually quite enormous and hideous. It is only natural for an athlete to have that sort of foot, but the netizens went wild and flooded the internet with trolls after seeing his feet on camera.


Harden appeared in an interview with Rachel Nichols in the locker room, where he was very reasonably forgetful about wearing shoes or socks to cover his feet. People on the internet needed this one single footage to put out their wildest of analogies and remarks. One fan commented: “My boy foot got salmonella … Foot way past the expiration date.”


Some people, on the contrary, are trying to reason and counter on his behalf. NBA players are distinguished by their height and physicality. Being in front of them may be intimidating for others because of how little the other person seems in contrast.

The persistent pressure on a player’s feet leads their toes to curl in strange directions and their nails to twist up. And because NBA players and other athletes spend most of their time in tight shoes, these problems are common to all of them.

A little twist in the plot is that Harden has very recently signed a deal with the world’s prominent shoe brand Adidas.

Whatever may be the end result of Harden’s feet debate, his sportsmanship goes unquestioned. He has built quite a career averaging 21.7 points, 11.1 assists, and 6.3 assists per game on 44.5 percent shooting after 29 games. Harden and the 76ers, who are now on a four-game winning streak, will be entirely focused on Saturday night’s trip to the Sacramento Kings, rather than whatever attention his “Walking Dead feet” continue to earn online.


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