Ex-WWE wrestler claims John Cena got bullied by coworkers

There are some reports that claim that John Cena felt threatened by certain wrestlers. It reportedly happened during his peak wrestling career. On that note, recently, the former WWE wrestler Rene Dupree confirmed the fact in his statement. The bombshell revelation shocked many wrestling fans around the globe.

John Cena has turned his name into a brand at this point, but it wasn’t always like this. He had gone through a lot of hardship and struggle to get to where he is now. Although the prototype never spoke of his personal issues, a certain veteran wrestler recently admitted on an episode of Cafe de René.

However, Goguen is a Canadian professional wrestler currently signed to Pro Wrestling Noah, where he is a former two-time GHC Tag Team Champion. He is best known in WWE for his time as a tag-team champion with Kenzo Suzuki. 

Recently, during a recent episode of Cafe de René, a fan asked Dupree if Cena felt threatened by any superstars. In response to the following question, the former tag team champion smiled for a bit, then he answered, “Very much so. very much so. Yeah. The Americans with Americans with muscular physiques and tall and good-looking, yep. 100%,”

Later, he continues with the previous question: “The story goes that Cena was on the chopping block, right? But I didn’t see that at all. I think that might be bulls*it just to make his story like… ‘Coz I saw the interaction when I first got there with Cena and Vince. I don’t think he was going… But I know Hunter didn’t like him. Hunter was jealous of him. That’s what it was.”

According to the 39-year-old’s explanation, the former WWE champion felt most threatened by Triple H. The current chief content officer of WWE at the time was one of the biggest rivals of the 45-year-old.

The prototype debuted on the main roster when the game was already one of the top superstars in the company. During that time, they spent a lot of time as opponents inside the ring together. Which also includes a battle for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22.





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