“I ain’t going to address” Ja Morant is reluctant to weigh in on Shannon Sharpe and his father’s altercation in Lakers vs Grizzlies game

The Los Angeles Lakers broke Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies’ 11-game winning streak on Friday night, defeating them 122-121. But it wasn’t what everyone was talking about after the game. Rather, the verbal combat between Shannon Sharpe and pretty much everyone on the Grizzlies right after the end of the second quarter caught everyone’s attention.

Sharpe, NFL player-turned-analyst, who was sitting courtside, had been yelling at Morant and exchanging words with Brooks throughout the first half. Sharpe, who had stood up from his seat, was approached by both players and Grizzlies teammate Steven Adams. Tee Morant, Morant’s father, also got into a heated argument with Sharpe. Referees, players, and security were required to separate the men before Sharpe. He eventually returned to his seat. Sharpe was seen shaking hands with Tee Morant at the end of the third quarter, and the two embraced at the end of the game.

“I ain’t talking about that,” Brooks said after the game. “He’s the blogger or whatever he is. I don’t really care about all that. Next question.” Meanwhile, Morant refused to comment on the situation when asked by reporters, saying, “I ain’t going to address that.”

It was later disclosed that Dillon Brooks took issue with Sharpe’s remarks on Memphis’ ability to guard LeBron James, resulting in a heated altercation between Memphis and Sharpe. Morant took a subtle jab at Sharpe after the game for interfering with the game as a courtside supporter.

Sharpe created a massive scene that was immediately shut down while doing what he does best: hype up LeBron James. The Grizzlies players, on the other hand, aren’t done with him, and perhaps their next match in Los Angeles will be a bit more upbeat as well.

Morant certainly kept his cool when discussing the matter, since it’s evident that the Grizzlies were dissatisfied with the outcome. Sharpe may be a well-respected retired football player who has created a name for himself in the media, but he shouldn’t be able to make a fuss at a game when he is a fan.

While both parties involved could have handled the incident more maturely, fans are not complaining about the drama. What’s your thought on this issue? Drop a comment to let us know!


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