Behold, James Harden’s Christmas day outfit worth to keep everyone wondering

Nowadays looking good is not enough, one must always stand out from the crowd especially if you are James Harden- a person renowned for his wild fashion sense is once again making the headlines.

Over the years, Harden has appeared in public with his flamboyant style- whether it is formal, casual, or something outrageously stupendous James is “flex”-able to pull it off. James with his fashion sense has previously worked with famous fashion magazines like GQ. This time he is no less than a walking rainbow. 

The Christmas Day outfit of Harden has surely caught the eyes of everyone but not in the most convincing way! a lot of his fans have gone to make fun of his outfit claiming he looks like cartoon characters!

“He look like a character in Monsters Inc 😂” one of his fans commented. 

“Looking like a 🎄. Merry Christmas to you and the team. I’m tuned in 🙏🏾” another commented while wishing the athlete. 

How much did that gear cost him?

Even though James is not appealing to people for the right reasons, you will most definitely go bonkers after knowing how much it cost the man wearing that fit. Are you ready? It’s over $50K!!!!

To break it down, the Jacket he is wearing is a “Marni Hooded Stripe Shearling Jacket” and it costs more than your average car- a ridiculous 6,700 price tag! 

 James Harden's Christmas day outfit
$6,700 jacket

The matching “MARNI STRIPED SHEARLING FUSSBETT SABOT – MULTICOLORED” slippers are a tad bit cheaper costing just over a gran, $1,050  to be precise while the “KEEPALL BANDOULIÈRE 50” the  Louis Vuitton bag which is covered with colorful plastic tulips costs $42,500! in total everything together is worth $50,250 only, without tax that is.

James Harden's Christmas day outfit
$1050 Slippers
James Harden's Christmas day outfit
$42,500 Louis Vuitton’s iconic Keepall

Not to mention the name or price of those pants was nowhere to be found, maybe he custom-made them, but we may never know!




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