“Double standards”: WWE HOF Madusa blasts organization for firing Mandy Rose over racy photos, saying male wrestlers “Get warnings” before action is taken

Mandy Rose first appeared at WWE on the Tough Enough series, and after that, in 2019, she signed a five-year deal with the biggest wrestling promotion. 

Rose defeated Raquel González at the Halloween Havoc event last October, earning her the NXT Women’s Championship for the first time in her career. Aside from WWE, she was doing well with her FanTime page.

Things began to fall back for this 32-year-old when WWE announced on December 14th that they would be releasing Rose for her fan page postings, and prior to her release, she lost her title to Roxanne Perez.

Wrestling fans were divided into two camps: some thought the decision was fair, while others thought it was unethical. Recently on a podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze, shared her opinion regarding the termination.

WWE HOF Madusa has reasons to get furious on the matter as male wrestlers might not have been sacked just because of a FanTime account or even if the case is strong enough they would receive warnings! Look what happened to Mandy! 

“I think it’s [Rose’s FanTime fan page] great to have side hustles. However, if you’re under a contract that owns your likeness, even though you’re using a different name, and you’re being presented in that way where it has effects on what you’re doing, a company has every right to, you know, have a standoff meeting and probably communicate with you once or twice, and then do what they need to do, or is it a double standard?”

The Monster Jam World Finals winner also pointed out that the male superstars get high priority at the WWE, as they receive warnings before termination and also have the opportunity to regain a contract even after release, while for the females the scenario is different, which she referred to as the “double standard” of the WWE. 

“I think there are things that still need to be changed. If it was a double standard, if there was no warning for her, guys get warnings in this business, and they’re still employed there, which is unfortunate.”

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