Conor McGregor wins legal battle to call former best friend Artem Lobov a ‘rat’ as case over Proper 12 whiskey continues

You have to feel for Artem Lobov, even a few years ago the Russian fighter was on top of the world when he was rolling with Conor Mcgregor. A lot of his fame and fortune can probably be traced back to his former two-division champion teammate. Now everything is falling apart for Lobov in real-time.

All this controversy comes from one of the biggest business success stories from the combat sports world. Artem and Conor worked together to bring forth a successful whiskey brand that went on to build an empire for Conor.

But Lobov now should feel like he made one of his worst business decisions despite being a business graduate after losing the defamation lawsuit against Conor.

Initially ‘The Russian Hammer’ advised Conor to utilize his fame and launch a whiskey brand. Being a business graduate, Lobov did most of the market study himself and even used his connection with other businessmen to successfully launch the product. His intuition proved to be correct as Proper 12 quickly started selling like hot cake.

Conor repeatedly offered Artem $1 million for his efforts but Artem kept rejecting the offer saying he did it all for friendship. He even went as far as to say, “I swear on my child’s life I will NOT take a cent out of the whiskey deal!!! That is something I enjoyed doing and the thought of knowing that I helped you with something keeps me warm on the coldest of nights.”

After a couple of years, Lobov filed a lawsuit against his former friend claiming ownership of a part of the shares. Conor in reply verbally insulted him and many of his fans attacked Artem on social media. This led to ‘The Russian Hammer’ filing another defamation lawsuit.

The 2nd lawsuit was settled today and the court wasn’t convinced on the business grads case, “No reasonable member of society would attach any significance to these tweets,”

Conor too took this chance to mock the Russian again, “Well there ya go Stuart little — You now owe me two major court appearance fees. Stop this nonsense,” McGregor tweeted following the decision. “You are making a holy show of yourself. Peel it back day by day, if you can even. That’s coming from the ‘old friend, woulda done anything for you’ in me mate. God bless”

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