Aaron Rodgers confounds fans with cryptic tweet featuring mysterious word amid trade rumors

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweeted something that many of his fans and followers were unable to understand. Rodgers has agreed to remain with the squad till 2022.

Aaron Rodgers’ future in the NFL is still mostly unknown as everyone waits to see if a long-rumored trade to the Jets ever happens. The Packers’ fan base is waiting with bated breath to hear if he plans to retire after this season or play another.

Rodgers dragged out a contract negotiation with the Packers in 2022 until March, when general manager Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur made it clear they wanted Rodgers to return to the organization in 2023 during this season’s bye week.

What did Aaron Rodgers tweet that baffled the entire world?

Having not tweeted for over a month, Rodgers did so on March 14. This quarterback’s post leaves the sports world in serious contemplation. NFL Twitter attempted to understand what he was saying when he tweeted “SULLLLLL” and two laughing emojis.

What is the meaning of SUL?

SUL is a word that is difficult for people to comprehend fully. According to Merriam Webster the meaning of SUL- is sulfonic.

However, “SUL” is described as “the direction to one’s right of a person facing the rising sun, or any area of the earth lying in that direction” in the Cambridge Dictionary.

Again, the acronym “SUL,” according to the Urban Dictionary, stands for goodbye till later.

Fan’s interpretation of Aaron’s tweet

The 39-year-old quarterback ended his Twitter slumber with a brief message that included only eight characters, two emojis, and very little context.

This tweet sparked the NFL community to speculate on the potential hidden meaning of the word “SULLLLLL.”

Fans attempt to convey the meaning through their own interpretation because nobody can comprehend it.

Many have speculated that Rodgers is dropping hints about signing with the Jets. Garrett Wilson, a wide receiver with the Jets, shared this tweet with a mysterious message, which made it more poignant.

Some experts have also pointed out that it could be an indication to quit the Packers.

And some accused Rodgers of being attention-seeking.

While the meaning of “SUL” has drawn the interest of several.


Green Bay Packers quarterback and four-time winner of the Associated Press award for NFL’s Most Valuable Player, this ace player is among Kevin Durant’s top five quarterbacks of all time.

When this quarterback made his 200th career start, he had already established a number of new NFL records, including the most passing touchdowns (432), best passer rating (104.3), lowest touchdown-to-interception ratio (4.70), and fewest interceptions thrown (92).


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