Aaron Rodgers rejected Patriots to move out of Tom Brady’s shadow? Exploring ex-Packers signing to Jets

Fox sports official Craig Carton recently brought back the old rumors from the grave concerning NFL legend Aaron Rodgers’ signing a new team. In the FS1 morning show, the Fox personnel was in a fresh mode to spill the bean by referring that Rodgers was an inch away from becoming a Patriots player.

However, the footballer joined the New York Jets this season with juvenile spirits. Now, he is counting his days to rock on the field once again and keep the flow of legacy going which he exhibited during his Packers days.

Why did Aaron Rodgers reject the Patriots?

The Patriots were determined to trade their quarterback Mac Jones this season and welcome the former Packers cordially into their squad. However, Aaron Rodgers turned down the offer to step into Tom Brady’s throne mercilessly and shook hands with the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers Didn't Want to Have Shadow of Tom Brady": NFL Twitter  Theorizes Jets QB Was Scared of Joining the Patriots - The SportsRush

Even his agent reacted promptly when he was asked about his client’s joining news to the Patriots by saying, “No, we ain’t playing for New England. We want to be a Jet”.

The NFL legend never uttered a word regarding Tom Brady’s long-time companion, the New England Patriots. However, as per reports, he isn’t a great fan of how Bill Belichick, the Patriots’ head coach trains the players. Rodgers is a player who is known to be the slave of utmost passion and a believer of intuitive notions. That makes it quite obvious that he will not prefer to get trained in a hard and fast way as other Patriots do under Bill.

No wonder, NFL Goat Tom Brady and HC Belichick were a great pair in the NFL arena who offered great performances from time to time but perhaps, this formula couldn’t align with Roders’s principle.

Why did Rodgers join the Jets?

The MVP gave a nod of yes to the New York Jets and seemingly, enjoying his time becoming a part of the team. He chose the Jets over every other NFL team because of a couple of reasons. First, he couldn’t let go of the opportunity to reunite with former Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett with whom he shares a great equation.

Regarding this issue, he said, “There’s a lot of reasons why the Jets are attractive. There’s one coach that’s meant as much to me as any coach I’ve ever had, and he happens to be the coordinator there.”

Besides, the QB has immense belief in Jet’s policy of utilizing young players to move forward which contributed to his decision to join the team.

When the future Hall of Famer was on the edge of his Packers tenure, all eyes were on him to find out what his next move is going be. It was really a competitive moment and NFL fans can very well reminisce that. Now, only time will tell if he will be able to showcase his marvels in jets or not.

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