AEW president discloses Jade Cargill turned down larger paycheck than her original demand to make the switch to WWE

Jade Cargill signing with WWE has been the talk of the wrestling industry after it was announced that she has signed a long-term contract with the Connecticut-based company. WWE PR team has been making a huge deal of signing the longest-reigning TBS Champion.

Tony Khan recently revealed how Jade Cargill turned down a new contract and decided to go to WWE. Many wrestling veterans also have had their say on the matter.

Tony Khan talks on Jade Cargill departure from AEW

It seemed like Jade Cargill would be with AEW for the long haul. However, after losing the TBS Championship to Kris Statlander, it became clear that she was making her move to the big leagues. This was surprising because Jade Cargill had a strong relationship with Tony Khan, the President of AEW and former TBS Champion. In 2022, Jade Cargill even praised Tony Khan and shared how he was willing to listen to her dreams.

She had a great personal relationship with Tony Khan and he believed in her by making her the longest-reigning AEW title holder. In the post-WrestleDream media scrum, Tony Khan was asked questions on the topic of Cargill leaving for WWE. Tony revealed how he made her two ‘very big’ offers to stay during the negotiations.

He said, “I knew Jade’s contract had been ticking down and we were talking about a new contract. I made a very big offer and I thought it was a very fair offer. I think she was considering it, and then she asked for a bigger offer and then I went up again, and I kind of thought that was going to do it. Then, it didn’t, which I was surprised by because, to be honest, I came up with a number that was higher than her original ask. I don’t know what I would have had to do at that point. I was a little surprised.”

Details on Jade Cargill WWE contract

WWE has been promoting Cargill’s signing extensively, even sharing images from her first day at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Jade Cargill expressed her excitement at the opportunity to work with top-notch facilities and talent, recognizing that she had indeed reached the big leagues. WWE announced on X that she had signed a multi-year contract with the company and the post did crazy numbers.

Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer radio shed some light on the details of WWE contract saying, “It’s not like it’s Charlotte Flair money or anything like that, or Becky Lynch money. But for a newcomer to the company, it’s much higher than they usually go, so she got a good deal. She’ll get a focal push because the money to take to get her, you have to give her a chance to get over because they’re not paying what they would pay a normal person to start there.”

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