Anthony Joshua openly addresses Dillon Danis and Logan Paul’s fiancé Nina Agdal situation saying “In boxing, there are no rules”

In a recent interview with Misfits Boxing Anthony Joshua shed light on his views on the whole Logan Paul vs Dillion Danis beef. AJ had a very simple answer to it indirectly saying that all is fair.

The British heavyweight boxer proceeded to give his opinions on the Tommy Fury vs KSI fight too and unlike most of the boxing purists and gurus, Joshua had a different take as he backed KSI to win the fight.

Anthony Joshua discusses Logan Paul’s fiancé, Nina Agdal and Dillon Danis situation

The logan Paul vs Dillion Danis fight has gained massive attention. The fight was going to be considered a co-main event but after the way Dillion marketed this fight it is seeming to look bigger than the main event.

Dillion targeted Logan Paul’s fiancé since the time the fight was called, posting photos and videos about her on public platforms.It reached such a point that Logan’s fiancé had to issue a law suit to stop it from continuing.

Anthony Joshua had a simple take on it as he said that all of this is fair in boxing and can absolutely not be taken in any other way.

This tactic that Dillion is using did get a lot more eyes to the fight though. It was marketed so well that people like Canelo Alvarez and Connor McGregor shared their thoughts as well.

Anthony Joshua backs KSI to win vs. Tommy Fury

Misfits 009 will have KSI vs Tommy Fury as the main event and most people have Tommy as the favorite to win. TNT has the experience, the power, the size advantage and his reach. A lot of KSI fans, his friends and even other influencers say that KSI will not be able to get a win this time around.Tommy also beat Jake Paul, who is regarded as the best in the crossover/influencer boxing scene.

Anthony Joshua, on the other hand, still put KSI as his favorite to win the fight. AJ said, ”KSI we’re in your Corner and Routing for you”. He genuinely believes that KSI can pull this off and somehow beat the fan favorite.

If KSI manages to land the win here, he could be looking forward to a potential Connor McGregor fight.

What are your takes on all this drama regarding misfits 009 do let us know.


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