Conor McGregor drops grim prediction for Logan Paul ahead of Dillon Danis bout

The former MMA prospect, who is a long-time teammate and friend of Conor McGregor, is set to fight Logan Paul on the undercard of KSI vs Tommy Fury in Manchester on October 14. Since the bout has been announced, the two have been firing shots at each other.

Dillon Danis has been consistently trolling Logan Paul’s fiancée, while Paul hasn’t held back either, with several lawsuits against Danis. Danis’ close friend and former UFC champion has been supporting him in his feud with Paul. However, Conor McGregor has now made a new prediction for the fight.

Conor McGregor drops bold prediction for Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis

In a recent interview to All Out Fighting, the former two-division UFC champion dropped his predictions regarding the upcoming bout between Logan Paul and El Jefe.

“Dillon’s gonna win, Dillon will win,” McGregor told All Out Fighting. McGregor further went on to express why the Irishman didn’t help Dillon train for his bout against Logan Paul. McGregor said that he didn’t get a chance to train with him as he had his baby recently.

McGregor further mentioned that while he may not be aware of all the details, he knows that Danis is in good shape and is confident that Dillon will come out victorious against Logan Paul. In the lead-up to their fight, Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, filed a lawsuit against Danis and was granted a temporary restraining order due to his continuous social media trolling.

Mystic Mac expressed his indifference to the legal issues, stating, ‘It’s messy with all of that. I don’t care about it.’ He also expressed his disapproval of pre-fight trash talk leading to legal actions but acknowledged that both fighters have successfully generated significant interest in their upcoming bout.

Paul confirms Nina Agdal’s attendance in Danis fight

It’s not clear whether Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul will attend the fight on October 14 or not but Logan has announced that his fiancée Nina Agdal will attend his upcoming fight with Dillon Danis, despite having a temporary restraining order granted against the MMA star.

The Danish model has even filed a $150,000 lawsuit against Danis, accusing him of breaking a number of laws with his content. However, Paul has said that the order does not have anything to do with where he can or can’t physically go, and will not affect the fight at all.

Logan, during his appearance on The MMA Hour, clarified that the restraining order isn’t a physical restraining order but rather a prohibition against posting explicit photos of Nina Agdal. The YouTuber-turned-boxer labeled Danis’s actions as peculiar behavior and commented that the former MMA fighter seems to have an unusual obsession with his fiancée, adding that he intends to address the matter.

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