AEW star delivers cryptic statement on CM Punk’s first promo after return to WWE: “You don’t want to know what I think”

Nearly a decade later, CM Punk, the Chicago phenomenon, made his most anticipated return to WWE in the Survivor Series held at Chicago. Punk’s WWE return was rumored for many months after he left AEW earlier this year.

Many superstars around the globe shared their thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE. Recently, an AEW star responded to the return of CM Punk to WWE and the promo given by Punk in the last episode of Monday Night Raw.

Jon Moxley on CM Punk’s WWE promo

The AEW star is none other than the member of Blackpool Combat Club, Jon Moxley. Moxley always had a complex relationship with Punk—a mix of respect, rivalry, and personal animosity—in their past time in AEW. They had a legendary feud in WWE that spanned from 2013 to 2014. Their rivalry was intense and personal, and it resulted in some of the most memorable matches in WWE history.

Their feud also continued in AEW resulting in their first encounter in AEW at All Out 2022, where Moxley defeated Punk to become the interim AEW World Champion. The two men then faced off in a unification match for the AEW World Championship on Dynamite.

In a recent interview at the Comicbook with Liam Crowley, Moxley was asked about the return of Punk. He said, “You don’t want to know what I think. I didn’t see it. You do not want to know what I think (laughs).” It’s obvious that Moxley is unwilling to discuss Punk’s comeback to the WWE.

The rivalry between Moxley and Punk was a significant moment in both WWE and AEW history, contributing to the company’s establishment as a prominent force in the wrestling industry. The two men are widely regarded as two of the greatest wrestlers of their generation, and their feud is destined to be remembered for years to come.

What is next for CM Punk in WWE?

The WWE future of CM Punk is a subject that generates a lot of speculation and anticipation from both fans and industry insiders. After a seven-year break, his return has brought a fresh wave of excitement and intrigue to the WWE scene.

During Punk’s appearance at the Survivor Series, World Heavy Weight Champion Seth Rollins was not happy. They both exchanged words and Rollins was very frustrated to see Punk back in WWE. Punk also have a unfinished business with the Shield. It would be great if they could both be involved in a plot and compete for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 40.

CM Punk and Seth Rollins
via WWE

However, there is speculation that Punk’s return might be a limited-time engagement. According to certain reports, there is a chance that he might sign a short-term contract and potentially retire from wrestling after a few additional high-profile matches. If Punk were to have a World title run in WWE, it would certainly generate a lot of excitement, regardless of the specific terms of his contract.


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