Is Seth Rollins’ reaction to CM Punk return legit? Exploring the potential direction for the champion after Survivor Series WarGames

Various individuals had diverse reactions to CM Punk’s comeback at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023, but WWE superstar Seth Rollins had a lot to express about it. Rollins’ evident fury, captured on video, hinted at deeper sentiments beyond the scripted realm of wrestling.

Rollins was furious at CM Punk’s return and approached him in the ring, venting his frustration to the referee. After an absence of over a decade, Punk returned with an unexpected rendition of The Visionary that left the audience speechless. A lot of people are starting to doubt the former Shield member’s attitude to CM Punk.

Is Seth Rollins legitimately pissed at CM Punk?

Due to his dissatisfaction with WWE, CM Punk quit the business in 2014. After an absence of almost ten years, Punk stunned the wrestling world with his incredible return at Survivor Series. Fans were shocked to see Punk go onstage, and his appearance was the highlight of the evening.

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Behind the scenes, Punk’s reappearance sparked a heated exchange with Seth Rollins, who had participated in the WarGames bout. Rollins’ anger was unmistakable; he swore and made other rude gestures. It became necessary for WWE staff members, such as Michael Cole and Corey Graves, to step in and calm Rollins down.

Witnessing Rollins’ anger on tape and learning that he attempted to approach Punk backstage brings the wrestling narrative to life. The on-screen animosity between Rollins and Punk becomes more convincing as it is grounded in real-life difficulties.

The potential for a clash is heightened by their shared wrestling background from NXT to WWE. Rollins’ reactions to Punk’s reappearance have become the talk of the town, even though WWE officials intervened to halt the World Heavyweight Champion.

New angle of Seth Rollins reaction emerges

The recent reaction from the heavyweight champion has sparked considerable discussion about CM Punk’s comeback. Even Rollins’ die-hard supporters find it challenging to comprehend his sudden change of demeanor.

Whether Rollins was instructed by WWE to act this way or if someone like Cole told him to express anger when Punk returned remains unclear. The confusion is further heightened by the fact that fans are sharing the clip rather than WWE.

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It’s unclear who Seth Rollins will face next after he averted a Money in the Bank cash-in at Survivor Series. Punk challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship would be a logical way to end the conflict between him and Rollins.

Punk vs. Rollins at WrestleMania 40 might happen if it’s planned for the show. Furthermore, if WWE effectively builds it up over the next two months leading to the Royal Rumble, this could become their main event. Many viewers have speculated that the on-screen tension between Seth Rollins and CM Punk is indicative of genuine feelings between them.

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