Watch: World Heavyweight Champ Seth Rollins furious reaction after CM Punk returns at WWE Survivor Series

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, CM Punk has made his return to WWE. The song “Cult of Personality” echoed throughout the Allstate Arena during Survivor Series following an intense Men’s War Games battle. Despite no clear foreshadowing of his comeback, fans surprised Seth Rollins by chanting Punk’s name at a recent concert.

CM Punk shocked everyone after the WarGames, and it appears Seth Rollins wasn’t ready for him to grab the attention. Known for his criticism of Punk, The Visionary unmistakably expressed his displeasure with Punk’s comeback in Survivor Series 2023. He even grew angry with the referee in the ring and attempted to go after Punk..

Seth Rollins fuming after CM Punk’s return

CM Punk’s anticipated return at Survivor Series happened today, leaving everyone wondering if he will make a significant comeback. The internet could explode with excitement if he does, but if he doesn’t, people might start questioning the legitimacy of the Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins
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Punk’s comeback hasn’t been well received by everyone, notably Seth Rollins, who is not much thrilled about it. Rollins celebrated his victory with Randy Orton’s assistance, but his elation quickly turned to rage at the appearance of C.M. Punk. Rollins seems furious with Punk’s comeback in an unseen video.

Rollins was in the ring for a promo after SmackDown finished, but the focus was on the crowd who were yelling for CM Punk. Rollins seemed perplexed and annoyed as he raised an eyebrow and gestured, “Seriously?”

The situation quickly descended into chaos as he shouted at Punk and made obscene gestures until Michael Cole and Corey Graves stepped in. The first rivalry between CM Punk and Seth Rollins since Punk’s return to WWE has many theorized that this may be it.

CM Punk feud with Seth Rollins explained

Fans are excited about CM Punk’s return to WWE, but the wrestlers themselves had a different response. When Punk showed up, Team Cody Rhodes was still riding high after their victory over The Judgment Day, but they seemed unhappy. Fans were looking forward to Punk’s comeback at Survivor Series, but these performers weren’t as excited.

Seth Rollins
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The relationship between Seth Rollins and CM Punk dates back to the inception of The Shield. Their history, both inside and outside the ring, is a complex blend of friendship and rivalry. In 2019, despite not always getting along, Rollins challenged Punk to a battle.

The Visionary had previously referred to Punk as a “cancer” and attempted to discourage Punk from returning to WWE. After being a free agent for a while, Punk made a comeback at Survivor Series in Chicago, where he unsettled the Visionary.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk and Seth Rollins’ feud? WresltMania 40 may be the perfect opportunity to showcase their quarrel in front of a live audience. Leave your comments below to share your ideas.


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