WWE Survivor Series: Cody Rhodes shocks fans by announcing Randy Orton as the last member of his team at WarGames

Cody Rhodes’ announcement of the Viper’s return to the ring was a long-awaited wish granted by WWE. After months of speculation, Rhodes named Randy Orton as their fifth participant for the Survivor Series WarGames bout. Rhodes confirmed it graciously despite the lack of fanfare in the statement.

The WWE Survivor Series WarGames will take place on November 25 in Chicago, Illinois, and this week’s Raw was the last program before the big event. Strong hints were dropped on WWE Raw that Viper will be returning at Survivor Series as a member of the Babyface squad with Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes confirms Randy Orton’s return

WWE fans were stunned to see Randy Orton and Matt Riddle pair up as a tag team because of their contrasting personalities. In contrast to Orton, Riddle was the party guy. They were able to overcome their differences to become successful as a tag team. The cooperation was put on pause when Orton suffered a catastrophic back injury. Fans looked for his return, and recent reports hinted at a reappearance during Survivor Series: WarGames.

Randy Orton
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RAW featured fierce WarGames combat, and Cody Rhodes seemed overjoyed that the other side was ahead. He dropped hints about their fifth member, someone he had a common ancestor with. Fans quickly took the clue even before hearing the name, anticipating great celebration with the reappearance of the Apex Predator.

Drew McIntyre joined Judgment Day on RAW last week. His decision to join their WarGames squad was revealed in the most recent episode. Now that the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, has found his fifth partner for the big match on November 25, fans can rest easy.

Randy Orton’s final bout before his injury?

It is predicted that Randy Orton will return to action shortly after an absence caused by an injury to his back. After teaming up with Matt Riddle, he and RK-Bro were on top when he was hurt. They even won the RAW Tag Team Championship. Following their Championship Unification match on May 20, 2022, the Usos and Roman Reigns retired him.

Randy Orton
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Nearly a year has gone since that bout, and the crowd is still waiting for him to return with more devastating RKO strikes. Orton is resting and doing well during his time off. Now, on November 25, he’ll make his comeback at Survivor Series. The return of The Viper is rapidly approaching, and fans can’t wait.

Most of the matchups for Survivor Series have already been decided. We now know who will be competing in the Men’s group, but the Women’s war games match is still under the wraps.

Is this year’s WarGames simply going to have one battle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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