Matt Riddle envisions epic WWE stable ‘Rated RK-Bro’ with Randy Orton and Edge

WWE superstar Matt Riddle used to be a part of a tag team with The Viper of WWE, Randy Orton. Now that Orton’s out of action due to an injury sustained last year, Riddle is now on his own. However, Riddle had once considered forming an epic stable with his former partner Randy Orton, and the Rated-R Superstar, Edge. 

The unusual pairing of The Viper and The Original Bro had gotten over with fans in a big way back in 2021. The duo had a father-son dynamic, with Orton going from not liking Riddle to actually liking to work with him. They won over the fans with their funny exchanges and excellent teamwork. But as recently revealed by Riddle, he had a much better idea for a team.

Matt Riddle’s ambitious plan with Randy Orton and Edge

Matt Riddle had been feuding with Intercontinental Champion Gunther and The Imperium. He recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump, where he was asked if he has thought about forming a faction of his own to deal with The Imperium. The Original Bro said that he was open to the idea of forming a stable and even listed a few names for it. He then revealed that he would have liked to form Rated RK-Bro with his former partner Randy Orton and Edge. 

Riddle said, “You got Cody, he’s a stallion. You know, if Randy ever comes back. That would be awesome. Edge — you know, for a minute there, I wanted to do Rated RK-Bro, you know. It’s a whole thing. I would love to be in a group.”

Randy Orton and Edge had originally formed a team called Rated-RKO back in 2006. They even teased a reunion when Edge returned to the Men’s Royal Rumble match in 2020. However, that moment was short-lived as they quickly turned on each other. Orton and Edge then went on to have a feud during which they had 3 matches. Since then, the two superstars had hardly shared the ring together.

If Randy Orton does end up returning sometime soon, it would be a fun idea to put him in a stable with his two former teammates.

When will Randy Orton return?

Matt Riddle’s former partner, Randy Orton has been sidelined for over a year now, due to an injury he suffered on SmackDown. He suffered a back injury and underwent lower back fusion surgery in November last year. While his doctors have warned him that he might have to retire soon due to all the injuries he has suffered throughout his career, it was recently reported that The Viper has been training to make a comeback sometime soon.

Randy orton

While many fans have been predicting for many months that he would make an appearance sometime this year itself, chances are that it’s highly unlikely. It’s believed that The Viper is in the early stages of making a comeback. Although it’s been speculated that he might make a return next year, nothing is confirmed as of now.

Fans can only hope that they can see The Viper strike once again before he eventually retires. It’s clear that his body is beaten up from all the years of being a full-time superstar. We wish Orton a speedy recovery and hope to see him in the ring sometime in the future.



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