Wrestling insider drops latest update on Randy Orton return following Detroit sighting of “the Viper” ahead of SummerSlam

WWE fans from all over the world have been waiting for the return of Randy Orton aka The Viper in the ring. He has been out of the ring with an injury for a long period of time, His last in-ring match was on Friday Night SmackDown in May 2022.

On the internet, There are tons of rumors about The Viper’s return at WWE SummerSlam this weekend which has the fans excited, but just how likely is it to happen?

Insider provides an update on Randy Orton’s return

One of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, Randy Orton has been out of WWE for a long time. The Apex Predator underwent surgery for a back issue that kept him absent from the ring for more than a year now. 

Randy Orton

In May 2022, he and Matt Riddle fought their final match inside the ring, losing to The Usos in a Tag Title Unification Match. After the match, The Bloodline viciously attacked the team, which provided a solid justification for Orton’s absence from his back fusion surgery. 

For Randy Orton’s comeback, WWE fans have very high hopes. However, it looks like the fans will have to wait a bit longer than they expected as per recent reports. A recent report by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful claims that the superstar is not fit to compete due to medical issues.

Orton seen in Detroit ahead of SummerSlam

Despite all of the rumors claiming that The Viper will be in Detroit for the PPV, Fightful has reported that Randy Orton is “nowhere near medically cleared to return at this point”. Of course, that medical statement would only be a major factor if he was trying to perform an RKO.

But, Fightful didn’t tell much details about that, but their sources told them Orton isn’t cleared by doctors to work even a physical segment in the ring. It will be a little bit shocking for those hoping they would see the wrestler back in the ring.

An actual match was always a far-fetched idea, WWE would have built up something solid long before now if he was actually returning. So, as things stand, there’s a chance Orton could be in town for the Premium Live Event, but there is near zero chance that he’ll be doing anything physical at SummerSlam.

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