WWE star opens up about embracing unconventional in-ring style, echoing Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther has been on a roll recently, as he successfully defended his title against the returning Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam this past Saturday. He has held the IC championship for about 400+ days and is regarded as one of the best wrestlers of this generation. He has also drawn parallels to The Viper of WWE, Randy Orton, for his in-ring maneuvers, a comparison which he was delighted about.

Gunther‘s run as the Intercontinental Champion has cemented him as one of the best wrestlers in the company. He is currently on his way to becoming the longest-reigning IC champion of all time, a journey that doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. So far, he has been a fighting champion and has brought back the prestige and importance of the IC title. 

Gunther reacts positively to comparisons with Randy Orton

After defeating Drew McIntyre this Saturday at SummerSlam, Gunther appeared on the ‘Busted Open’ podcast, where he was compared to Randy Orton. The host Dave LaGreca explained that The Ring General and The Viper were similar in a way of their deliberate in-ring maneuvers and a sense of importance in everything that they do. The Austrian wrestler had a pretty positive response to this comparison. 


“Thank you for that comparison. I think Randy’s one of the best ever, so it’s very charming”, said Gunther. He went on to explain the reason behind his placing importance on making everything he does in the ring seem deliberate, especially his mode of offense. He further talked about how several wrestlers have been using some crazy moves, risking themselves to impress the fans.

However, he says that what’s more important is the approach that one takes to the moves, even if they are generic and nothing special. He went on to praise fellow wrestlers Sami Zayn and Santino Marella for making unconventional things seem important.

 Did Randy Orton get back surgery?

Randy Orton last wrestled on the May 20 edition of SmackDown, where he and Matt Riddle dropped the SmackDown Tag Team Championships to The Usos. Shortly after that, Orton was reported to be out of action due to suffering a back injury. Although the nature or the seriousness of the injury was not revealed at the time, he had to undergo fusion surgery on his lower back. It was also reported that Orton had insisted to some officials that he would be back at some point, but according to recent reports, it looked highly unlikely that he would be back anytime soon. 

It was even said that Orton’s doctors had advised him to retire from in-ring competition itself. However, The Viper has been training to get back sometime soon. Despite that, it’s been said that he is in the early stages of preparing for a comeback and would likely not appear on TV this year. However, fans are hopeful that they get to see The Viper back in the ring as soon as possible. 

Randy Orton’s absence has left a massive void in the WWE roster and has also left his former partner, Matt Riddle without anyone to depend on. As of now, we give our best wishes to The Viper and hope he recovers soon.



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