Ex-Raiders WR Henry Ruggs receives PTSD therapy after fatal car crash with reported plea agreement for up to 10 years in prison

Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of a 23-year-old woman Tina Tintor and her dog. The incident happened in November 2021, and the investigation is ongoing to this day. Since the incident, the player has been projected to extreme stress through the loss of his near ones and also the long-drawn trail for the same. 

According to recent reports, it has been found that after the car accident, Henry Ruggs spent a month in a clinic getting treatment for PTSD. The 24-year-old has also accepted a plea agreement, according to which he will get a court sentence of 10 years of prison time for vehicular manslaughter and DUI resulting in death.

Ex-Raiders WR Henry Ruggs receives PTSD therapy after tragic car crash

After months of investigation, Henry Ruggs pleaded guilty earlier this year. He admitted that he was driving the car which killed Tina and her dog. Police reported that he was driving his Corvette Stingray and hit a car. He was drunk and driving at 156 mph before he crashed into the girl’s car.

In the plea documents, the attorney’s revealed that the former WR received PTSD therapy after the fatal car crash. PTSD also known as post-traumatic stress disorder is a disorder in which a person suffers from extreme emotional and physical instability after a tragic event. 

The WR got in-patient PTSD treatment for 28 days in May 2022. The clinic where he got the treatment also released a statement: “Mr. Ruggs was fully engaged in the treatment process and made steady progress with his treatment team.”

The lawyers revealed that after this accident, the WR’s best friend also died in a car accident. The tragic events led to PTSD, and he had to get proper treatment to recover. 

Ruggs pleads guilty in exchange for reduced charges

In the plea documents, the lawyers also wrote that Henry Ruggs is a good man who made a terrible mistake, and he has been working on himself to become a better person referring to his PTSD treatment. 

“[It] is evident that Mr. Ruggs is a man of good character who made a terrible mistake. In light of Mr. Ruggs’ post-offense conduct, it is clear that he has made positive changes in his life, has accepted responsibility, and has sincere remorse.”

Although the lawyers presented a strong case of the wide receiver suffering from PTSD and shared that he is a good man who made a mistake, he will still have to serve in jail for up to 10 years.

Henry Ruggs

The former wide receiver accepted a plea agreement and pleaded guilty to both vehicular manslaughter and Driving Under the Influence which resulted in the death of Tina. Because he pled guilty, his sentence is reduced, otherwise, he would have got 50 years of jail sentence. 

In the plea deal, his other charges are dropped, including reckless driving, DUI that resulted in the injury of his girlfriend, and a gun charge. The WR will be sentenced only for the recent charges which include driving under the influence for the accident in which Tina was killed.

The incident serves as an example for everyone that how being careless can destroy someone’s whole life. It not only resulted in Tina Tintor’s death but also destroyed Henry Ruggs’ whole life and career. 

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