After a 23 year NFL career, Tom Brady prepares to visit Gillette Stadium as a non-player

NFL season 2023 has started with teams heading against one another to steal the crown. What’s more exciting is that a familiar figure will make his appearance in Gillette Stadium.

Tom Brady, the game’s ultimate MVP is known internationally for leading his teams to the glorious Super Bowl many times. The American Quarterback retired back in February this year, drawing end to a majestic career. Most recently, Brady announced that he will be back in the Gillette Stadium but only as a fan.

Brady returns to Gillette Stadium for special honor

In the upcoming matches about to be played in Gillette Stadium, Tom Brady has affirmed that he will indeed be there to support his team.

Although Brady retired earlier this year in February, the football star cannot resist to return back to the field – even if it is just to support his beloved team.

The American Quarterback will once again return being honored by his team against the Eagles in the upcoming match. This will be the first time since 2000 that the man will not be in his NFL team but in the NFL stadium.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady (via: googlepics)

In his podcast Let’s Go! Brady was asked by Jim Gray about his feelings upon returning back to the stadium.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Brady gave two decades of his life to this sport. 

“Thirty-two years, man” Brady continues,  “Thirty-two years. High school, college, and then obviously 20 years in New England.”

“A lot of gratitude, a lot of gratitude,” Brady’s tone was heartfelt.

The GOAT of the game expressed his gratitude of returning back to the stadium this time as a fan.

Tom Brady
Quarterback Tom Brady (via: googlepics)

Referring back the golden eras of his career, “I had two decades of incredible, life-altering experiences. I have so many memories from my time there and memories with people there and I’m creating a new memory with the people there. And to go back to that stadium and bring my kids and my family in a different way, you know, I’ve not been to that stadium in this way ever.” 

When did Tom Brady start playing in NFL?

Tom Brady started his NFL career when New England Patriots drafted him back in 2000. He was quite old for a quarterback at the time. 

After 17 months, the then 24-year old Patriot Quarterback fan was trying to lead his team to victory in AFC East against the historical game of 11-5 Dolphins and 10-6 Jets.

Tom Brady won 7 Super Bowls out of 10 such as  Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI, LIII for New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Initially, Tom Brady was a mere rooky Quarterback and was allowed only one game per season. Later on, Brady became one of the most important and influential figure as the man led New England Patriots to win 6 Super Bowls.

The American Footballer is known internationally for his good looks and humble personality. However, his contributions to NFL career and the winnings he led his team to cannot be taken for granted.

Although, the man must have retired and is missed by many of his teammates in the field along with his fans. Hence, the rest of the article covers Brady’s incredible time throughout his NFL career.

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