NBA fans mock Rich Paul’s response to Stephen A. Smith’s “f**k out of my face” remark over LeBron James GOAT debate

Rich Paul is one name that should be respected by fans and the entire NBA family. He is not just a big weight in the sport but a super-agent to some big teams and big names including LeBron James and Anthony Davies. Rich Paul is also one of the founders of Klutch Sports Group.

Recently, the big agent has been attacked by fans over his response to Stephen A. Smith’s remark over the LeBron James GOAT debate. So exactly what did Paul do to get mocked by fans?

Rich Paul responds to Stephen A. Smith’s get the “f**k out of my face” remark

Rich Paul recently clarified an encounter he had with Stephen A. Smith. He said the veteran reporter and analyst made up parts of their conversation about LeBron James.

Recently, Rich Paul talked to former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas on his podcast. They discussed something Stephen A. mentioned this past summer. He said he informed Paul that he couldn’t argue about LeBron James and Michael Jordan anymore.

Rich Paul

While talking to Arenas, Paul explained what really happened. He didn’t deny the conversation, but he admitted that Stephen A. made up some of the words he used. “I can debate all day long,” Paul said. “There’s no such thing as get the f*ck out my face… let’s just add context for the viewers.”

This whole thing started about a month ago when Stephen A. Smith appeared on Paul George’s podcast. During the interview, they both had their takes on LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s GOAT debate. Stephen A. at one point allegedly told Paul that he couldn’t argue with him again.

“That’s exactly what I said to him, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. You can’t talk to me about that. You gonna tell me I am disrespecting a man by having him No. 2 all time you have lost your damn mind, I’m not talking to you,” Smith said.

NBA fans brutally ridicule Rich Paul after Stephen A. Smith comment

This justification made by Rich Paul over Smith’s alleged comment “get the f*ck out my face” has been brutally roasted by fans over the internet. Stephen Smith is notably one of the most vocal NBA analysts, well known for always making bold statements without fear. Although Paul is highly respected due to his role in the NBA, fans were not as kind to the super agent.

A fan posted “Did Stephen A. Smith really tell you “get the f**k out my face”?

Another tweet follows “I believe Stephen A said leave me alone Rich Paul ur 5ft tall, ur not intimidating anybody lol”

The reaction continues as another tweet dropped saying “Stephen A definitely told that man that”

This was also posted by a fan “Stephen A is about to TRY and cook Rich Paul on his podcast for calling him a liar watch lmaooooooo”.

This story will definitely continue and more fan reactions are expected. What is your take on this story? Leave it in the comment box.


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