Duke QB Riley Leonard’s unique pre-NFL game motivation: “You S**k” texts from mom to “keep his ego in check”

Nothing better than a mother’s affection that teaches you one of the life’s most important valuable lessons. We all appreciate any type of affection in any way a mother provides to their child.

Which includes Riley Leonard’s mother as well. The Duke Blue Devils have their players as the devils in the field but previously, another player has entered the field and that happens to be the latter’s mother. Apparently, she has her own unique style to teach her son about humility.

Riley Leonard’s mother’s unique way to keep son’s ego in check

Duke University had an impressive score last season and the fans were thrilled to see their Devils succeeding. However, celebrating too much can be a drawback according to Leonard’s mom, who makes sure her son isn’t being carried away with his ego.

The 20 Year old recently joined Duke Blue Devils in 2023 as a junior Quarterback and already has the web under his palm.

Duke blue devils
Riley Leonard – Duke University @googlepics

Leonard shared an image earlier, catching attention of Don Kleiman that showed him wearing a bracelet on his wrist. 

The image where Riley wore a bracelet that said “You S**k”, is now all over the internet. And as per Leonard, those were his mother’s words.

Riley’s mother have been making headlines recently, sending him messages before every game saying “You S**k” to keep her son’s ego in check. Not a bad practice, Mom! 

It can be seen that Riley doesn’t mind that he gets such reminders as the 20-year old man would ask his mother to send him messages like such to keep him down. 

Riley’s mother’s unusual texts to her son delights NFL fans 

NFL fans get most entertained by challenging taunts and remarks that athletes throw at one another and the fact that a different element has come to play, cannot be more entertaining for most.

NFL fans jumped to twitter to share their own views about the mom’s comment and safe to say, one of them was more than thrilled.

@collin_pryce  tweeted “Win Mom”, in support for the mother.

Whereas Collins appreciated the remark, many other NFL fans called out the mother in their own way.

@FinsorDie had a totally different outlook in life.

@tallnfat simply made fun of the situation and nothing else – perhaps an attack on the young quarterback of NFL.

Most of the NFL gangs are enjoying a “healthy” interaction between the son and his mother while others have harsh opinions about the young quarterback’s family rituals. 

This unique family ritual is storming the web right now with many articles pasting Riley’s mother and mentioning, applauding her parenting style. 

Duke’s Quarterback Riley Leonard is quite young and new to the field but has lived up according to his Head Coach’s expectations and definitely needs his mother’s good luck as the young Quarterback is currently playing against Clemson in NCAA Football.


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