After Bills exit rumors come to light Stepfon Diggs silences haters with savage statement: ‘‘Better tell em big dawg’’

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stepfon Diggs surprisingly opted not to participate in the team’s mandatory minicamp. Without directly explaining his absence, Diggs took to social media, specifically Instagram, to share intriguing stories that shed some light on his decision. 

The cryptic nature of his posts has sparked speculation and left fans and the media eager to uncover the reasons behind his unexpected absence from the minicamp.

Stepfon Diggs contraction situation update

He posted two intriguing messages on his Instagram story, fueling further curiosity and discussion among fans and the media.

The first message read, “I just be letting people cap. If them lies help you sleep better, tell em big dawg.” 

Stephon Diggs

This cryptic statement suggests that the wide receiver believes false narratives are being spread about him, although he did not specify the details or who he was referring to. 

The second message said, “My phone been silent for like 6 years. Ion play all them sounds and shit,” indicating that he has remained focused and undisturbed by external noise for a significant period.

Stephon Diggs

The absence of any explanation from Diggs himself has only deepened the mystery surrounding his situation. While the Buffalo Bills confirmed that he was present initially and then left, head coach Sean McDermott expressed concern over the wide receiver’s absence.

However, quarterback Josh Allen assured reporters that the issue was not football-related, emphasizing his strong bond with Diggs and the integral role he plays in the team’s success.

With no concrete information available regarding the reasons behind the wide receiver’s absence, it remains uncertain who is being dishonest or how. 

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his current status, it is important to note that Diggs is under contract with the Buffalo Bills for at least two more years. In the 2022 offseason, he signed a lucrative four-year, $96 million extension.

While there is a potential opt-out option before the 2025 season, it seems unlikely that the Bills would entertain the idea of trading the wide receiver considering the substantial dead cap hits they would incur.

Who should pick Diggs if he leaves the Bills? 

Although the Buffalo Bills are unlikely to trade the wide receiver, given the financial implications involved, it is interesting to explore potential landing spots if Diggs were to part ways with the team.

Stephon Diggs

One team that could potentially benefit from acquiring Bill’s wide receiver is the Baltimore Ravens. In the hypothetical scenario of trade, the Ravens could offer a young wide receiver and a draft pick to the Bills.

One potential trade scenario involves the Ravens sending their former second-round pick, Rashod Bateman, along with their first-round selection in the 2024 NFL Draft to Buffalo. Bateman has shown promise as a number-one receiver but has faced challenges in the Ravens’ run-oriented offense, coupled with injury setbacks. A change of scenery in Buffalo could provide Bateman with an opportunity to showcase his skills in a pass-heavy offense alongside quarterback Josh Allen.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a first-round pick in the trade package could be advantageous for the Bills, considering their upcoming salary cap constraints. Acquiring additional draft capital would allow Buffalo to address other roster needs while potentially finding a long-term replacement for Diggs.

However, it is important to reiterate that these trade scenarios are purely speculative, and there is currently no concrete indication that the Bills are actively seeking to part ways with their star receiver.

In conclusion, the absence of Stepfon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills’ minicamp has sparked rumors and speculation, leaving fans and the media eagerly awaiting further clarification. While his cryptic social media messages have added to the intrigue, the exact reasons behind his absence remain unknown. As discussions continue, it is clear that his presence and contributions to the Bills’ offense are highly valued, making a potential trade unlikely. Only time will tell how this situation unfolds.

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