Bears DT launches scathing attack on Packers fanbase calling them obnoxious and uninformed

The intense rivalry between the NFL icon Aaron Rodgers’ former team Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears is not new to the NFL fans and the Packers fans have been enjoying the pleasure of defeating Chicago in the teams’ past eight meetings.

The Bears defensive tackle Justin Jones seems to be bothered by the Packers fans as he has recently taken a swing at the fanbase, labeling them as “sh**ty” and “obnoxious” for their alleged ill-treatment and wished to beat the former Packers QB Aaron if he were there.

Why did Aaron Rodgers leave Green Bay?

After putting an end to the 18-year  glorious journey with the Packers, Aaron decided to start his new journey with the Jets with a 147-75-1 record, 59,055 passing yards, 475 passing touchdowns, and 105 interceptions in his bag, however, what was the reason behind this breakup?

Well, both the four-time MVP and his former team continuously blamed each other for the heated breakup following a prolonged trade saga. Green Bay’s general manager Brian Gutekunst said they could not reach Rodgers despite multiple attempts, however, the veteran QB said he didn’t get the appropriate response from the franchise and bashed them for not letting him know that they were going to favor new QB Jordan Love over him.

Aaron Rodgers

“People that know me — I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful house. The only downside is I have very limited cell service so if you want to get ahold of me, I have to see your face. You‘ve got to FaceTime me. My only response to the communication thing is, there’s records in your phone about who called you when — FaceTime. And there wasn’t any specific FaceTimes from the numbers that I was looking at. My point was that if there was a change that wanted to be made, why wasn’t that told to me earlier in the offseason?”

Whoever was at fault, the 39-year-old QB successfully landed in the Big Apple following a blockbuster trade. He is currently passing good moments with his young teammates in the Jets building and from his current head coach Robert Saleh to the new teammates, all the people around him are loving the vibe injected into the team after his arrival.

Justin Jones blasts the Packers fanbase

Chicago competed another dreadful season as they were able to turn just three games in their favor, however, Jones still got the attention as their best defensive lineman, hence he couldn’t digest the Green Bay fan’s treatment.

“We went up there, we played a pretty good game. But they got away from us at the end, obviously. They won. Their fans are really sh**ty. I wanted to go back up there and I wanted to play them, I wanted to beat them”

Rodgers’ ex-team defeated Justin’s team 24 times out of 29 games head-to-head face off and the five-year NFL veteran wished the Gang Green’s new member to be in Green Bay while he would beat his team.

“I wanted him (Aaron Rodgers) to be there so he can see it.”

Bears DL rips Packers fans: 'Half of 'em don't even know football' - Chicago Sun-Times

The DT was asked why he thinks the Packers fans are shitty and he didn’t halt back from taking another dig at the fanbase saying they are just obnoxious and keep yelling at everything.

“Just the way they’re just freaking obnoxious. Just yelling and all that other stuff about things that don’t even matter. … What are we even talking about here?”

The 26-year-old threw another bomb saying half of the fanbase doesn’t even possess knowledge about the sport.


“Half of them don’t even know football. It’s so weird to me. … I want to go out there, and I want to beat the hell out of them on their field. I want to hear the boos then. That’s what I look forward to.”

The war of words and passionate debates between fans and athletes are quite common, however, the intense rivalry between the Bears and the Packers is surely going to make continuous headlines as the new season progresses.



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