Jets HC Robert Saleh showers praise on Aaron Rodgers’ unparalleled talent: “I’ve never been around a QB like that”

After the Green Bay Packers long-time quarterback Aaron Rodgers discovered himself out of the complexity of a prolonged trade saga and found himself enrolled in the New York Jets roster, he is constantly gaining high praise from his teammates and coaching staff.

Amid the Jets defensive tackle Soloman Thomas for singing early praise for Aaron and predicting his potential impact on the field, the team’s head coach Robert Saleh hailed the Jets’ new QB1 as a unique talent unlike any he has encountered before.

Robert Saleh hails Aaron Rodgers talent

The Jets HC raved about Aaron following the franchise’s final OTA practices and mentioned two times when the Super Bowl champion’s talent bemused him.

The first time was when the veteran QB stared down the middle of the defense as well as reset instantly for anyone on the other side to react, and after noticing a reaction from the defense, he released a go ball down the right sideline for New York’s wide receiver Malik Taylor.

“When he let it go, I was like, Well, that’s overthrown. And then, the ball just kept floating and floating and floating, and it hit the guy in stride. I was like, Oh my God. It was unbelievable.”

Aaron Rodgers

The second shot of Rodgers that caught the attention of Gang Green’s HC was also from the same session.

“Me, personally, I’ve never been around a quarterback like that. We’ve had some good quarterbacks—Russell [Wilson], Jimmy [Garoppolo], Matt Schaub. This is different, and not to speak poorly on them. So he throws a ball to C.J. Uzomah. And I was like, He’s covered! And he says, Guy’s not looking at me, he’s open.”

Why does Saleh think Rodgers raise the bar?

Robert also gushed about the four-time MVP saying he always finds a way to get acquainted with his new teammates and leads the young players while teaching them the team’s offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s offense.

“He’s very thoughtful and deliberate in the way he goes about things. During OTAs, he’s gone out with the guys. And every weekend, he’s gone out with a different set of guys to get some time with everybody. So that’s the stuff in the locker room.”

Besides his teammates, the Jets’ new QB1 also searches for the opportunity to know about the people working behind the fields.

“When he is in the building, it’s very important for him to know everyone’s name, whether it’s the chef, the equipment guys, the trainers, people upstairs.”

Robert Saleh

A person in new love wants to know every detail of his partner, likewise, Rodgers is following the approach to get acquainted with every corner of the Jets building and the football coach thinks the approach is crucial for the ex-Packers to connect himself properly with his new squad.

“It’s very important to him to understand the building in general. I call it love language. Everybody has it. Relationships and connecting with people is very important to him. And that’s not something you’d have thought based on narratives. But it clearly is.”

Aaron’s excellent communication with the team members and coaching staff has already raised the bar of expected as well as put him at a high place in the Gang Green HC’s eyes and he continued saying how the veteran star was delivering an insight into the depth of his knowledge of the offense to his teammates despite facing the setback of a minor injury.

“He’s got great insight to the game, obviously. There are suggestions on practice, stuff that he likes. Right now, it’s about the offense getting jelled as quickly as possible. Once the season hits, you want to hit on all cylinders.”

“So everything we’re doing is for Hackett, Aaron, to make sure those guys are in the position they need to be in, so they’re getting all they need out of every single practice. It can be something small. It’s, Hey, let’s put a play clock on this. Just little things. Nothing outrageous, it’s just been little things.”

Robert Saleh

New York’s OC Hackett already informed the team’s offensive staff that they would be going to follow peer-to-peer coaching rather than the teacher-to-pupil approach with the 10-time Pro Bowler.

It remains to be seen if the Packers’ former successful QB excels on the field donning Big Apple’s jersey. However, he has already been successful to create a unique impression on fellow coaches, players, and football fans worldwide.


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