Ex-NFL star dismisses Solomon Thomas’ claims of Aaron Rodgers Jets’ locker room leadership impact: “When things go bad, he’s deflected the blame”

After putting an end to the glorious chapter with Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers successfully opened the first chapter of his next book by finalizing a blockbuster trade with the New York Jets and the incident seemingly brought a major change in the team’s environment.

From the coaching staff to the front office, the four-time MVP is earning high praises after landing on his new destination with the latest praise coming from the Big Apple’s defensive tackle Soloman Thomas, however, former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe didn’t like the early praise from the Chiefs DT.

Solomon Thomas’ claims on Aaron Rodgers’ leadership

The Jets DT didn’t halt back from raving about Aaron and said the Gang Green squad is on cloud nine after the arrival of a future Hall of Famer.

“The room is buzzing right now—the building is buzzing—and it’s buzzing for a reason. You bring in a solidified Hall of Famer like Aaron Rodgers and it’s going to change some things.”

Alongside being the four-time league MVP, Aaron holds multiple titles and accolades including 10-time Pro Bowler, four-time First-Team All-Pro, Second-Team All-Pro, four-time NFL passer-rating leader, two-time passing touchdowns leader, and so on, hence, his athleticism is a must thing to praise.

Aaron Rodgers

“His leadership, his knowledge, the way he plays the game—you know he’s going to put up points and you know he’s going to play smart football.”

Despite Rodgers being 39 years old, Solomon says a new sense of youthfulness can be found in New York with the ex-Packers QBs arrival and all the athletes enjoying the fresh vibe.

“It brings a whole new youthfulness around this team, even for the vets. We’re just super excited and we’re excited for the potential, but we also know at the same time — we know potential doesn’t mean anything.”

Shannon Sharpe throws a dig at Rodgers leadership skills

Sharpe took a jab at Thomas saying how he could be projecting the impact of the Jets’ new QB1 when the actual performance of him as a Jet leader is yet to be seen.

“That’s defensive tackle Solomon Thomas already seeing the impact of Aaron Rodgers. You know, he’s going to put up points and you know, he’s going to play smart football. Solomon Thomas and I have a different view of leadership. That’s not leadership – that’s excitement.”

The former Denver Broncos legend, known for his insightful analysis, thinks Rodgers is undoubtedly a top-class player, however, he thinks good athletes might not be proven as good leaders unless they possess some basic leadership qualities.

“That’s buzz created by Aaron Rodgers’ caliber. You bring in a solidified Hall of Famer like Aaron Rodgers, it’s going to change some things. That leadership, his knowledge, the way he plays the game. You know, he’s going to put up points, yadda, yadda, yadda. That’s not leadership. Leadership is bringing you guys out of a tough situation. You have a situation in the locker room. He steps in to handle it. You go through a rough patch during the season. He navigates you through that.”


The 54-year-old analyst recalled the ex-Packers track record as a leader, both on and off the field, during his tenure in Green Bay to highlight his inconsistent leadership skill. “What I’ve seen for him, he’s not into leadership because, when things go bad, he’s deflected the blame. Walking into a building is not leadership.”

The Jets are facing the longest postseason drought in the NFL as they could not make the playoffs since 2010, however, the Jets fans are keeping their fingers crossed to witness their favorite team bouncing back on the field with the inclusion of Rodgers alongside his troops.

The veteran QBs will be seen donning the Jets jersey against the Buffalo Bills on September 11.

What is your prediction regarding the match? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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