UFC icon Conor McGregor backs John Gotti III’s call for support following massive Floyd Mayweather altercation: “the war is on”

John Gotti III called for the support of Conor McGregor after engaging in a wild in-ring brawl with Floyd Mayweather after the stoppage of his boxing bout against the former world champion. Gotti who is a former MMA fighter was unhappy with how things played out during the exhibition bout with Floyd. Consequently, he dissed Mayweather and asked The Notorious to back him up.

Gotti lll posted a video of the brawl on his Instagram story and captioned “Punk b****, Floyd Mayweather, you my enemy for life.” In his next story, the grandson of the gangster gave context about the outcome of the fight “Bum never put me down or stopped me,” Gotti wrote. It was a DQ for no reason.” After swearing lifelong animosity to Floyd, John called for the Irishman’s support “We need backup.”

Conor McGregor chooses John Gotti III’s side in the Floyd Mayweather battle

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather collided with each other inside the boxing ring in what was unarguably one of the biggest fights in the history of combat sports. Two giants from MMA and the boxing world clashed against each other and put on a great show for fans around the world.

John Gotti III tags Conor McGregor in his Instagram stories

With that being said, there was a lot of animosity between the two fighters. And it was very evident during the build-ups as McGregor showed no remorse in talking trash with the former world champion. Their rivalry still continues to date as both Mayweather and McGregor share bad blood.

Consequently, when John Gotti III tagged McGregor to support him in his battle with Floyd, the Notorious jumped in and sided with the MMA fighter. In a now-deleted tweet, the former UFC champion said “I back the Gotti’s. The war is on.”

What happened in the John Gotti III vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition match

Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III squared off against each other in an exhibition bout that took place on Sunday at the FLA Live Arena in Florida. The former world champion was at his usual best and looked very comfortable inside the ring. He was attacking Gotti with his jabs and didn’t absorb a lot of damage.

During this bout, both the boxers were exchanging words continuously. This made it very difficult for the referee and subsequently, he instructed Floyd and John to stop talking during the fight. However, the trash talk didn’t stop and the referee decided to stop the fight early in the sixth round.

But John Gotti III was unhappy with this decision and even after the stoppage he pushed the referee aside and attacked Mayweather. The former world champion evaded all the punches and threw a good counter. Hereafter things got more heated up as Floyd’s security jumped inside the ring. This caused a huge commotion and a big brawl broke out.

This was the reason why John Gotti III who is the grandson of the gangster called in for the support of Conor McGregor. Do let us know in the comments section your thoughts on this entire altercation.


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