Retired UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal spotted with ex-president Donald Trump amid ongoing criminal investigations

There’s been a trial going on of the alleged criminal activities of Donald Trump. During the former US President’s trial, Jorge Masvidal showed up to the court to show his support for Trump.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump entered a not-guilty plea in a Miami federal courtroom for the 37 federal accusations he has faced. The charges against the former US president include unlawfully keeping official secrets and attempting to obstruct justice.

What is Jorge Masvidal up to after retirement?

Masvidal began his mixed martial arts career over twenty years ago. Gamebred ultimately decided to hang up his gloves after UFC 287. In the co-main event of UFC 287, Masvidal and Gilbert Burns squared off on April 8 at the Miami-Dade Arena.

The Miami native announced his retirement from mixed martial arts after suffering a defeat to ‘Durinho’. The 39-year-old fighter did admit that he would like to try out other combat sports such as bare knuckle in the future during an interview with The MMA Hour.

“I’ll X out bare-knuckle [boxing] just because of my hands. Your boy has 20 years in the fight game. My hands have been through everything you can imagine. There’s times after fights that, it’s like the hands are bad with gloves and casts and all that.” said Masvidal. 

In addition to the UFC, the veteran MMA fighter has also competed in Bellator, Strikeforce, Shark Fights, and World Victory Road. The Miami native has proclaimed that he is finished with MMA, even though he may have a chance in other combat sports in the future.

Is Jorge Masvidal a Trump supporter?

The 33-year-old fighter, who is known to be a Trump devotee, has accompanied Trump to rallies as part of his pre-election promotional campaign. In order to witness the beauty of mixed martial arts, the former president of the United States of America sat cage-side during Masvidal’s final octagon appearance as well.

Trump has also previously expressed interest MMA as he had a great relationship with Dana White. The president of the UFC also gave Trump his support because they have a long history of friendship.

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