“She’s a weirdo”: Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha receives heavy criticism for playful gesture with wedding ring on live television

NBA fans were outraged when Ayesha Curry, the wife of Warriors player Stephen Curry, seemed to take her wedding band off while making a live television appearance. The event happened during a segment of “Girl Chat,” a chat program where various women from different backgrounds share their thoughts.

Ayesha Curry nervously chuckled and playfully pretended to take off her ring as a shirtless man approached the hosts and guests to deliver drinks. The video gained popularity rapidly on social media, drawing condemnation from followers who saw it as insulting, hypocritical, and attention-seeking while others expressing sympathy for Stephen Curry.

NBA fans throw shade at Ayesha Curry

Fans occasionally criticize Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry, despite their reputation in the NBA as family-friendly athletes. NBA Twitter recently expressed sorrow for Warriors guard Steph Curry when his wife, Ayesha, was caught in a humorous but scrutinized moment on an episode of “Girl Chat.”

Ayesha Curry playfully faked to take off her wedding ring as a shirtless man approached the women during the performance to deliver drinks. Fans, however, seized the chance to criticize her conduct without hesitation, keeping her in the public eye. Fans took to twitter and said:-

“Nah she’s a weirdo lol”

“Poor Steph, he never beating them allegations”

“The wife of a 9 figure NBA superstar is really out here up for grabs lmao”

“Why would she do that ???? Smh.”

“Nah that’s so disrespectful wtf”

“me if that was my wife”

What age did Steph and Ayesha get married?

Stephen Curry, wife Ayesha renew vows on 10th wedding anniversary | GMA News Online

When he was 15 and she was 14, Stephen Curry and Ayesha Alexander first met in high school. The NBA player said that they didn’t begin dating for another four years on a podcast episode of All The Smoke in which he discussed their love story. Ayesha had relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting at the time, which Steph learned while she was there for the ESPYs. They went on their first date on Hollywood Boulevard after he contacted her and asked her to show him around the city.

When they exchanged vows in July 2011, when they were both in their early twenties, they were both certain that their union was the one. Even though they weren’t aware of it at the time, Steph remembered with affection how their parents teased them about their compatibility. Steph continued to attend neighboring Davidson College while Ayesha returned back to Charlotte, North Carolina, allowing their romance to develop.

Ayesha disclosed a link between them in an interview with The Charlotte Observer, they both had previously resided in Toronto, Canada. Fans like the pair, who are known for their wholesome image and have been in love for more than ten years. Riley, their oldest daughter, attracted notice for her lovely appearance during a postgame interview in the 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals. The couple has three kids together.

Do you think the incident was blown out of proportion, or do you believe it was disrespectful? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the recent criticism directed at Ayesha Curry and the reactions from NBA fans. 


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