After ending Max Verstappen’s winning streak, Carlos Sainz receives vote of confidence from F1 commentator as Ferrari’s leader

Carlos Sainz gave the dejected ‘Tifosi’ a reason to become overjoyed as the drought of a win in the ‘Scarlet’ camp finally came to an end. At the end of lap 62, the Red Camp roared with joy when their driver gave them, what was considered highly improbable.

Ferrari, who have been giving on-and off performances the entire season, managed to dominate this weekend while taking advantage of the raw pace of their car amidst Red Bull troubles.

Allard Kalff acknowledges Carlos Sainz as emerging Ferrari team leader

Carlos Sainz was the winner of the Singapore GP after taking his second pole of his career. On the other hand, he snatched away his second win to give a delightful evening to the ‘Team from Maranello’. According to Allard Kalff, “Carlos Sainz is more of a team leader than Charles Leclerc”.

He seemed very impressed by the Spaniard’s race calls when he hurled praises for him:

“Remembering Hungary, then Leclerc was sent on track with the hard tyre and it didn’t work. When they said to Sainz ‘You come in for a hard tyre’, he said: ‘Yes, but it doesn’t work for Leclerc so I don’t want to use it either. Just do something else’.

“Then you are a team leader.

“I think the fact that he is winning now is fantastic and that he is doing it this way is also fantastic.”

He was a fan of Sainz’s late race skills it seems, when he decided to explain the intricacies of the decisions,

“Overtaking is not easy here [in Singapore],” he said. “The speed that Norris had compared to the Ferrari was actually not enough to overtake him. Then you have to make sure that you position your car in such a way that you cannot be overtaken.

“And if there is DRS, then you have to as a leader, make sure you have enough electric energy to counter that. He did that perfectly.”

Sainz takes victory in Singapore GP to break Red Bull’s winning streak

Red Bull and Max Verstappen were coming in hot this weekend with an impressive winning streak, but in the end, the ‘Smooth Operator’ had the last laugh while winning the Singapore GP.

The most famous moment of the race came in the last laps, when Sainz very intelligently used Lando Norris with DRS behind him to defend against the hunting ‘Silver Arrows’.

We were on cloud nine while watching the race and seeing Carlos Sainz take advantage of Red Bull’s weak days. Were you also on the edge in this race? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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