After witnessing incorrect racquet holding technique, Serena Williams aims to recruit new student in Kim Kardashian

We all know Serena Williams as the tennis legend, the hard-working mother, the fashion icon, and the entrepreneurial whiz, but now we are getting to see a new side to the tennis champ. She debuts as a teacher.

Online education subscription platform MasterClass recently got Serena Williams on board to teach tennis through courses. The 21-time grand slam champion has long taught tennis to her celebrity apprentices, and in one case, she replied cheekily to a post by a longtime pal on Instagram when the friend was showcasing her tennis side.

Serena Williams reacts to Kim Kardashian’s tennis skill

In a new photoshoot, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to display a series of racy shots that captured the reality television star on a tennis court.

Dressed in all-pink bikini with a pink fur coat draped across her arms, Kim sent her social media fans into a frenzy with some raunchy stills.

In one image, the star of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, is seen walking towards the net, whilst holding a tennis racquet in her right hand. While most of the comments on the post where from zealous fans who focused on the star herself, Serena Williams cheekily replied with a comment that referenced her tennis racquet grip.

“Literally not how you hold a racquet. Clearly I have to give you lessons. lol [heart emoji].”, she wrote.

It would be a fun rendezvous for the pair of friends, if they seek to play tennis together. To witness a legend like Serena go easy on Kim and yet regain her pre-retirement touch would be a sight to watch for fans.

Kim and Serena have been longtime buddies, with both attending each other’s respective weddings. The pair are frequently pictured together at high-profile celebrity events, and in July, they attended Lionel Messi’s debut for Inter Miami together.

Serena’s alleged dig at Simona Halep

In much recent news, Serena Williams took to Twitter to post a cryptic message; the timeliness of its premiere, a probable dig at Simona Halep.

“8 is a better number,” Williams wrote on social media platform X .

Its meaning could be deciphered in multiple ways, but given Simona Halep’s recent ban from tennis for doping and the fact that the Romanian had stopped Serena Williams from achieving her 8th Wimbledon title in 2019, gives away its significance.

Serena Williams has a point. If Simona Halep is stripped of her grand slam titles due to her suspension from taking the drug Roxadustat, then Serena would claim her 8th Wimbledon title.

Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian also took to X to post an image of himself wearing a D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) t-shirt at Serena’s 2019 US Open first-round fixture.

“Some fashion is timeless,” he captioned the post.

“Seriously not out of style.”, Serena commented.

His post could also be a mockery of Halep’s current situation.

Will Serena Williams spar with Kim Kardashian, and display her on-court skills for fans to see after a long gap? Let us know in the comments section below.


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