Who is Anderson Silva’s son Gabriel picking up victory at Misfits Boxing 009?

Anderson Silva’s son, Gabriel Silva, secured a victory this Saturday night at the latest Misfits event in Newcastle, headlined by Idris Virgo and featuring names like FaZe Temper and Gnity.

Gabriel faced off against MMA fighter Ben Davis, and the son of the great Spider Silva did not disappoint the audience. The audience did not expect the fight to go this smoothly, but the rest is history.

Anderson Silva’s son knocks out Ben Davis with brutal body shot

Through out the fight week Ben Davis talked a lot about Gabriel Silva, but the son of the UFC hall of famer Anderson Silva promised that he would knock the lights out of his opponent in the very first round and he was not lying.

As the fight began, Gabriel appeared as calm as his father during his fights, exuding an aura reminiscent of his dad’s. The fight week wasn’t the easiest for Gabriel, as he might be a good fighter, but talking was definitely not his forte throughout the week. Ben dominated the verbal exchanges between them. However, the fight played out differently, much like his father, Anderson Silva.

Gabriel decided to put aside the talk and focus more on the fight. When the bell for the first round rang, both fighters met in the center of the ring. Gabriel initially dropped Ben with a solid left hook but remained remarkably composed. The shot was so clean that it knocked Ben’s mouthpiece out. Ben was then given an 8-count, during which he did stand up to continue.

Still, it would soon prove to be a bad decision for him, as once he got up, Gabriel unleashed a brutal standing left hand hook that rattled Ben. The shot was so devastating that even Ben’s corner threw in the towel before the referee could call it off.The shot would have made his dad Anderson Silva happy who just came out of a loss against popular youtube boxer Jake Paul.

How many kids does Spider Silva have?

Everyone is eager to know how many more talented kids does Anderson Silva have. On a real note. He has five kids, three sons and two daughters. All his sons are well trained martial arts artists, and his daughters are Instagram and facebook models.

Anderson Silva with his kids.

Who would you like to see fight Anderson silva or his kids next??


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