Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva: Fan-filmed footage reveals Team Diaz engages into backstage brawl with Team Paul

The anticipated bout of Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva just got a new layer of drama after the backstage brawl between Team Paul and Team Diaz. Although the altercation between both teams happened prior to the big match, the reason behind the sudden squabble yet remains unknown.

The bout between Paul and Silva grabbed the attention and created an environment of excitement when it was first announced. Following so, The problem Child has nonstop been making some dramatic tweets to make the fight more entertaining. So, like the fans, Nate Diaz was also excited to see the battle before his eyes. Though the former MMA superstar was mainly to corner his long-time training partner Chris Avila for his PPV opener against Dr. Mike. 

Meanwhile, before the promising fight, there are some noisy argument was seen between Team Diaz and Team Paul. The argument soon turned into an altercation between the two heated parties. A good number of people from both sides were entangled in fights with each other. There were incidents of drinks being thrown at each party at each other and apart from this, some objects were thrown, however, the fight didn’t take place thanks to the security.

Some backstage fans have already leaked video clips on the internet in order to inform the public about the incident. The leaked footage is given down below.

The Youtuber-turned-boxer made a name for himself after being undefeated in his first five matches. Four of them were KOs against the opponent. Yet a number of pro boxers think he still lacks the fight against a professional. Nonetheless, Jake’s coach, Chad Dawson, denied that comment and rather believes, the 25-year-old can do just fine as he has accomplished quite enough at the beginning of his career. Now it’s merely a matter of time for we to see Dawson’s statement be proven.


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