Antonio Brown blames Tom Brady for gas lighting him that led to outburst vs Jets, subsequently ending his NFL career

Throughout their time in Tampa Bay, Tom Brady and Antonio Brown were close mates and won many big matches together, yet the relationship between the duo started to fall apart after the Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV over the Chiefs in February 2021.

Till then, the former Buccaneers wide receiver Brown seems to love seeing his name in a parallel line to Brady and used to attack the former quarterback whenever he receives the chance.

Brown felt like “little a dog” at the Buccaneers

After a successful period with the Patriots, Tom Terrific stepped into the field of Tampa Bay as the king of the team for two years and left his supremacy with the team by gifting them with a Super Bowl.

Like his entrance, his exit was also quite glorious, in contrast, Brown experienced an abrupt ending of the Bucs Chapter as well as his overall career and he publicly claimed Brady and the Bucs team as the culprit for this in his recent appearance on Tyreek Hill’s podcast, “It Needed to be Said”.

Moreover, Antonio revealed the story in the Jets’ game for which he was removed from the squad. The former Bucs player retorted that he was not ready for the match, yet had to play only for the interest of the team, however, during that match he didn’t get the passes he thought he was promised,

“During the game (Jets), I’m hurting myself more. They’re not trying to put me in a good position. You don’t want to throw me the ball and you making me like I’m crazy, so, I was like, I’m crazy, I’m out of here.”

The former Bucs receiver felt he was neglected in the whole match by the Buccaneers squad and considered himself as an underdog barking behind the former quarterback.

“They treated me like a little dog,” he added.

Former WR reveals how Tom Brady psyched him up to play with the injury

Antonio stated on the podcast how he informed the team about his injury and felt he should take a rest and prepare himself for another game, albeit the team was adamant in their decision which forced him to play unwillingly,

“We were about to play the Jets and I said the coach that if we were going to win the Super Bowl, I think I needed to take the last two weeks. To recover and to given them my best.”

As he was struggling with his physical condition, he blamed the three-time MVP was not considerate of this but rather started teasing him presenting him as heedless of his injury,

“Tom called me like: ‘Yo, this week man, the Jets man. They sweet man, I’m gonna hit you with like 10 to 12 (passes).’ So, he gonna gas me up so you know me, that’s all I need to hear like yo you gonna throw me the ball. This is like me saying like I got a new crib like you know me. You know what I’m saying.”

Why did Antonio Brown leave the field during Sunday's game? Tampa coach says it wasn't because of an injury -

However, in a single game, Brown could not bear so much patience and removed his jersey and pads, and walked away to the locker room, hence following the game the team’s head Coach Bruce Arians declared in the media that Brown was “No longer a Buc”.

Antonio feels that he is still capable of being on the NFL field while TB12 and the Buccaneers are mainly liable for the unfortunate ending of his chapter.

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