Tom Brady’s Tampa mansion up for rent at $60K/month after seven-time Super Bowl champ files retirement letter to NFL

Tom Brady is the undisputed GOAT of the NFL, and while people love the legendary quarterback, they would do anything to get a Brady collectible in their hands. So, when Brady announced his retirement on the first day of February, a fan located the spot, went to the beach where Brady was standing, collected a bottle of sand, and started a bit on eBay.

Eventually, the bit reached a staggering price tag of $100k, and someone did buy the product! Now that Tom Brady has officially signed his paperwork and submitted it to the NFL, his mansion, which he stayed at while playing for the Buccaneers, is up for rent, and the asking price is $60k per month.

However, the humongous 6,500-square-foot house was not up for rent a few days earlier. Rather Brady wanted to sell the house with a massive price tag of $14 million. Yet no one bought the house, which has six rooms and six bathrooms, to go along with the front yard and an incredible swimming pool. 

Tom Brady
The front view of Tom Brady’s stunning mansion.

Why and when did Tom Brady want to sell his house?

Tom Brady got his divorce last year in October. However, things started to worsen between him and his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, just after Brady returned to football after his short forty-day gap. So, on June 2022, the mansion was up for sale. However, the seven-time Super Bowl winner decided to reduce the price to $12.5 million as he did not find a client even after months. 

Tom Brady
Tom Brady’s mansion: view of the open floor plan.

Yet, no one was interested in buying the house. It is quite surprising that not a single person was willing to buy the house, even after it belonged to Tom Brady! But why?

Fans did not seem to have a problem spending thousands on sand and dirt, then why didn’t they want to buy Brady’s house? The answer remains unknown. Yet, if you are a TB12 fan, you might as well check out the stunning mansion. It would be a win-win situation since it is a ginormous place to live, and on top of everything, it is certainly a Brady collectible!


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