“I know who you are now” Shaquille O’Neal apologizes to Lakers’ Rui Hachimura ahead of NBA All-star break

The former Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal is quite popular at pulling others’ legs; it doesn’t matter who he is. He even gained notoriety for his odd sense of humor and roasting everyone on his TNT show.

Whether he was serious or not, we can’t actually find out what he meant when he told the Lakers’ new recruit, Rui Hachimura, “I don’t know who you are.” The trade deal caused a lot of mixed reactions, but Shaq’s one beat all of them instantly. he even called the Washington Wizards by their former name, the Bullets.

However, recently, the Lakers, a three-time NBA champion, finally came up with an apology, but there was still some hubris buzzing around.

What did Shaquille O’Neal say in his apology?

On ‘The Big Podcast,’ Shaquille hosted Candace Parker and started discussing the NBA All-Star Game. At one point, the 50-year-old issued an apology in a classic way. “Let me apologize to Rudy Hachimura,” O’Neal apologized. I didn’t know who he was because I never watch the Bullets play, but he’s a fine role player.”


“He’s giving me Rick Fox vibes. Tough, pretty good defender,” the 15-time all-star continued. “All the stuff, all the little stuff he’s doing he’s done a great job. he doesn’t overdo it.”

“So Rudy Hachimura, I apologize. I didn’t know who you were,” O’Neal concluded. “I know who you are now and I wish you well.” and the controversy got fueled up again.

The big Shaq called Rudy instead of Rui twice in a flat voice and even called the wizards ‘Bullets,’ which was changed in 1997. Yet we can’t actually get any clue as to whether this apology was another prank or what. The former center also appeared in a silver-white wig and sunglasses.

Whatever the case, we got enough entertainment from Shaquille once again. What about you? Was he sincere in his apology, or was it just another ruse? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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