“Boxing needs a guy like this” Mike Tyson praises Jake Paul in interview with Israel Adesanya ahead of Tommy Fury bout

Mike Tyson is one of the biggest names in boxing and approval from him usually means a lot to any upcoming boxer. His trainer Teddy Atlas recently talked about the Jake vs Tommy matched and picked Paul to win. Now it looks like ‘Iron’ Mike may also be walking in the same direction.

On his podcast, he said, “I love the fact he jumped into the game. People don’t understand that boxing needs that. At this stage in boxing the greatest fighters are not fighting each other, boxing needs a guy like this. Listen when he fights he brings 75 million to the box office.”

Speaking on a hypothetical fight against Paul, the former heavyweight said, “I would beat these f**kers [Jake and Logan Paul]. I’d go straight at them, there would be no boxing. The only thing I got to do is be in shape.”

How would Jake and Logan fare against Mike Tyson?

We can consider two scenarios here, a fight against Prime Tyson and current Tyson. There are a lot of factors like location, negotiations, weight class, etc. to consider. But we will hold Mike as the standard and move forward as neither Jake nor Logan has done anything significant inside the ring.

If we are talking Prime ‘Mike’, the youtube brothers will likely get destroyed if they somehow manage to last the initial storm. You also have to consider that ‘Iron’ was a heavyweight and the Paul brothers usually fight at Middleweight. So weight issues would also come into factor as Mike wouldn’t be able to cut down to Middleweight.

As far as current Tyson goes,he had a fight against Roy Jones Jr. back in 2020. He didn’t win the fight but he still seems to have some power left in him. There is a fair chance that Tyson pulls a dub but the former vine stars could also pull an upset (Especially Jake).

Jake Paul takes on Tommy Fury on February 26th.


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