Mike Tyson’s trainer Teddy Atlas claims Jake Paul to win vs Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia

The boxing world did not give Jake Paul his dews when the Youtuber initially stepped inside the ring. But after a few years, he finally faces off against a ‘real’ boxer in Tyson Fury’s brother, Tommy Fury. Many are giving their picks for the fight and Mike Tyson’s trainer Teddy Atlas also shared his opinion.

In his podcast, Atlas said, “Tommy Fury, [Paul] picked him for a reason. Fury, he’s a guy who’s obviously been fighting longer, he comes from the Fury family, he’s obviously had more experience, he’s been around boxing most of his life. He knows how to look like a fighter, [but] I don’t know if he knows how to fight like a fighter. Jake Paul is learning how to behave like a fighter. I don’t know that Tommy completely knows that yet.”

He further added, “I’m gonna put it in context. Fury is 8-0. The combined records of all of his eight opponents. 24 wins, 176 losses, and five draws. [Paul] said, ‘You’ve fought nothing but taxi drivers!’ I would add something to that, they’re very bad taxi drivers. They don’t even have a license.”

He made his final choice, “Right now, with the little bit I have to work on. I would say maybe [Paul] is, that he’s more determined [and] a little tougher mentally. So, I’m gonna go with what I’ve seen and what I’ve known. So, I don’t care what people think. I’m gonna pick Jake Paul.”

Why Teddy Atlas might be right?

One thing we must remember is that Tommy Fury admitted to taking the fight for money. Jake’s previous opponents Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley also had accusations of fighting only for money. If a fighter decides to put his integrity on the line for financial gains, things can go really bad real quick.

Paul, on the other hand, has been rich for a long time. We do not claim that the YouTube star doesn’t want money, but we want to point out the fact that getting a victory here will probably increase his brand value, possibly resulting in more money.

We will see how things unfold should the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight takes place properly on the scheduled date of February 26.


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