“Appreciate the abundance of love” Mandy Rose finally addresses fans, after her WWE release over racy photos on FanTime

After an impressive 413-day streak of holding the championship title, Mandy Rose finally lost her title to Roxanne Perez back in 2021. Fans couldn’t even begin to mourn the loss as WWE decided to release her immediately accusing her of posting racy photos on Fantime (An Onlyfans-like site). Now the wrestling star has addressed her fans.

Earlier it was reported that Rose made around $500,000 selling photos on Fantime since her release from WWE. Now fans were slightly more relieved but they were still waiting for a formal statement from the champ herself. Looks like their wait is over.

How much is Mandy Rose making?

The basic payment to access Mandy’s Fantime is $40. Combining the numbers from her Twitter and Instagram, she has 4.4 million followers. The mainstream media and sports outlets have been publishing one news after another ever since her release, giving her new venture a huge boost. 

If everything goes accordingly Mandy even has a chance of making more than just a million after the end of a month.

At this rate, any reasonable estimate will suggest that the former NXT champion will likely surpass her previous earning records in a reasonably short period if she can keep a continuous flow of ‘Quality Content’ to keep her Aficionado’s satisfied yet hungry enough to come back for more. 

What do the experts say?

Since the release, many of Rose’s peers and former co-workers have come out to show their support and speak on the matter. Former prominent WWE figure Teddy long discussed the matter in a conversation with Sportskeeda,

“There are certain rules and regulations. And you have to go by those rules and regulations – especially when you’re working for somebody else. You’re not on your own. A lot of times I think people just think smart.”

“She probably knew she probably needed to reveal that to WWE before she started but she probably also thought, “Well, if I do that I may not get hired,’ so you know it’s like between a rock and a hard place. Like I said, hate to see her go. She was a great talent.”

Lately Rose has been quite active on Twitter where she told the fans, “Merry Christmas to all! Really appreciate the abundance of love & support I’ve gotten the last couple weeks Also click here for 50% off subscriptions now until new years !”

If she continues to earn such a high amount of money putting in minimal effort, the wrestling fighters may have to give up the idea of seeing her back in the ring ever again.

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