“Austin Reaves always got my back”: LeBron James playfully forgives AR for prior dig following “too small” gesture to Patrick Beverley

When it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers, there’s no denying that LeBron James is the leader of the team. And with that comes a certain level of respect and admiration from his teammates. However, there is one player who seems to have a special bond with James, and that’s Austin Reaves.

During the Lakers’ recent game against the Chicago Bulls, Reaves took a playful jab at Bulls guard Patrick Beverley, by mimicking the “too small” gesture that Beverley had directed at James in a previous game. And while some might have taken offense to the gesture, James was quick to brush it off, giving Reaves credit for always having his back.

“I love that guy,” James said of Reaves during a post-game interview. “He’s always got my back, no matter what. And he’s not afraid to mix it up with anybody. That’s the kind of guy you want on your team.”

It’s clear that Reaves has earned James’ respect, both on and off the court. And that respect goes both ways. After the game, Reaves explained that his gesture towards Beverley was just a playful way of showing his competitive spirit, and that there was no ill will involved.

“Me and Pat got a good relationship,” Reaves said. “It’s just me competing.”

For his part, Beverley seemed to take the gesture in stride, acknowledging that it was all part of the game.

“He played the right way,” Beverley said of Reaves. “He’s been playing that way all season. He lets the game come to him, and he’s good and crafty in pick-and-roll. He has a bright future ahead of him.”

It’s clear that Reaves has earned the respect of his fellow players, and that he is quickly becoming a fan favorite among Lakers fans. With his competitive spirit and his willingness to stand up for his teammates, Reaves is proving himself to be a valuable asset to the team.

And while his playful gesture towards Beverley may have raised a few eyebrows, it’s clear that Reaves has nothing but respect for his opponents, and that he always has his teammates’ backs, no matter what.

LeBron James teammate Reaves Gets Revenge: “Too Small” Gesture Comes Full Circle Against Beverly

During the LA Lakers’ recent game against the Chicago Bulls, Austin Reaves found a chance to repay a friendly dig made by Bulls guard Patrick Beverley at LeBron James’ expense. Reaves hit a jumper over Beverley and followed up with the “too small” celebration, the same move that Beverley had used against James in a previous match between the two teams.

Reaves said he had not planned the gesture but felt it was the right time to make it, given the history between the two players. He also emphasized that he respected Beverley and was only competing hard against him.

The move was a fitting retaliation, as it came full circle after Beverley’s taunt against James. While Beverley did help the Bulls defeat the Lakers in their previous encounter, he was unable to make a significant impact in this game, going scoreless and struggling with his shot.

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Overall, Reaves’ act of revenge added a touch of humor and competitiveness to the game, highlighting the players’ respect for each other even as they competed fiercely on the court.


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