Austin Theory mimics Kevin Owens on 11/24 WWE SmackDown as Owens’ suspension ends

On today’s Smackdown in the talk show “The Grayson Waller Effect,” hosted by Grayson Waller, former United States Champion Austin Theory made an entrance to the show wearing Kevin Owens’ gear and mimicking his theme song.

Kevin Owens was suspended on the November 10 Smackdown by Nick Aldis, and Austin Theory’s mimicry prompted Kevin to show up in the ring in today’s episode of smackdown that ended up with tag team match between them.

Austin Theory mimics Kevin Owens on SmackDown

Kevin Owens filled in for Corey Graves on commentary and delivered a captivating performance that was both entertaining and insightful. During his commentary Owens mocked both Theory and Waller by pointing out their facial reactions and made fun of them.

This made both Theory and Waller to come up to the commentary desk and dump Owens with a drink on his head. This made Owens angry and he attacked both of them and hit a stunner to Waller. As a result of this attack the general manager of Smackdown Nick Aldis suspended Kevin Owens from Smackdown as he broke the rules and regulations of a commentator.

In “The Grayson Waller Effect,” Waller welcomed the returning Kevin Owens, but the segment took an unexpected turn when he unveiled Austin Theory, who was dressed in a costume poking fun at Kevin Owens.

Waller was called up to the SmackDown roster in 2023 and has continued to make waves, feuding with Edge, Drew McIntyre, and now hosting his own talk show. On the other hand, Austin Theory lost his United States Championship to the 619 master Rey Mysterio on a SmackDown episode in August 2023.

Kevin Owens suspension is officially over

Seeing all this, Kevin Owens made his way to the ring, but the two didn’t stop mocking Owens for his actions from the last week. Owens challenged them to a match, but Waller didn’t agree as Owens was alone.

Then LA Knight came out to the ring, leading to a tag team match between them. Owens and LA Knight won the match and its official that the suspension of Kevin Owens has been lifted

Kevin Owens
via WWE

Its just less than 24 hours for the Survivor Series to start and neither of these superstars have any match. The feud is not over between them and will likely continue after Survivor Series in the upcoming weeks of Smackdown episodes.


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