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“Basketball isn’t the most important thing in my life” Draymond Green drops shock bomb in comparison with Kevin Durant

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant

The Golden State Warriors was just like what a deadly lineup is called with Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. Everyone expected them to be as one of the greatest formation of all time but it was only for three seasons as Kevin Durant suddenly left the Warriors. 

Kevin Durant left the Warriors in fear of an Achilles injury which could’ve made him missing the whole season. KD’s joining the Brooklyn Nets was a story long ago and time has certainly passed but his leaving Warriors is again in talks as KD plans to join Barcelona.

KD left for the Brooklyn Nuts in 2019, which his former teammate Draymond Green thinks a mistake. KD’s leaving Warriors is a mistake to many people and also Draymond Green. But, to Green the reason is different.

Draymond Green appearing in The Collin Cowherd Podcast says that:

“I thought it was a mistake. By the way, not for the reason that everyone else think. I thought it was a mistake because I know Kevin and what he likes to do, and the number one thing in Kevin’s life is Kevin. That’s not the case for most people, including NBA players. As if basketball isn’t the most important thing in my life to me.”

“Basketball is 100% the most important thing in Kevin Durant’s life. It’s what he cares about more than anything in the world. The reason I thought Kevin was making a mistake, because I felt like when Kevin was here, what he was allowed to do was just go play basketball, which is what Kevin loves to do,”

Green seems to be careful of his former teammates career and his statements are not false as we all know that Kevin Durant didn’t get the opportunity to do justice to his name as a basketball player. 

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